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  1. Wanted: Bergara folding seat.

    I want to buy one of the above. I can collect from near Shropshire
  2. Trouble seeing Pale Green.

    Thanks, Oh6, Tried that, and it makes the whole page dark.
  3. Trouble seeing Pale Green.

    Hi, My old eyes are finding it hard seeing the Pale green text on the Site. You changed to some time ago, and it was OK before. Any chance of making it Bolder ?
  4. Trigger pull weight

    In cold weather I find anything less than 3 lbs is hard to "Feel"
  5. Bore snake Vs cleaning rod

    You do know that the Copper cleaner will attack the "Brass Brushes" on a bore snake. You can throw away the fouled Patches on a cleaning rod, but would have to wash a bore snake each time you used it ?
  6. What's this cartridge?

    If you measure a .303 bullet it comes out around .312" , not far off an 8mm bullet.
  7. Plastic Tips on Bullets

    I gather that the Military are not allowed to use plastic tipped bullets, as the tips don't show up on X-Rays, in wounds.
  8. The Australian magpie

    Your dog looks like he has had enough of those black and white things !
  9. Veganuary.

    We need grazing animals to provide fertility. Without them all the arable land will run out of productivity in a few years.
  10. Vintage shotgun search.

    Great, Triggermortis. That's what I was looking for. Your previous photos failed to show them.
  11. Vintage shotgun search.

    Thanks Triggermortiis, That is the Guns individual number. Pairs of guns usually have No1 or No2 in Gold on the action, forend and barrels. so you don't mix them up when putting them back together after cleaning. A Pair will be identical, and easy to wrongly assemble. How do you know it is one...
  12. Vintage shotgun search.

    Lovely Gun. It looks to have a Westley Richards Top Lever. Where is it Numbered ? It doesn't show in the photos.
  13. 'British big game hunters to be banned from bringing trophies home'

    Thanks Griffer. That's what I expected. We can bring trophies home from Non endangered species.
  14. 'British big game hunters to be banned from bringing trophies home'

    Could someone post the actual words of the new rules please. I thought I read that elephants etc. were added to the list of Endangered species that we cannot bring home. I had assumed we could continue to bring the usual trophies from Non-endangered species home. ?
  15. Tyres

    My Skoda Karoq has 21" wheels, and no-one makes AW tyres in that size. Looking into changing to smaller steel wheels and better tyres.