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  1. 3 Calibres

    I just choose from these depending on the location and other factors
  2. Wanted: Semi auto shotgun

    Check on guntrader there are a few browning maxus. Absolutely love mine
  3. .375 H&H

    Just bought some HORNADY DGS 300grain from John rigby London
  4. .375 H&H

    I always take the ammo out
  5. .375 H&H

    Deer and boar in the Uk and got invitations for moose and bear in Canada and also plains game in Africa. Shop didn’t have any ammo so gonna try other shops today
  6. .375 H&H

    Which one do you have ?
  7. .375 H&H

    Finally got my much awaited Winchester mod 70 classic super express in .375 H&H magnum Over the moon
  8. Best Bum Bag ????

  9. Sako 85 ejection issue, dented case neck

    I had two options on a .375 a Sako 85 and and Winchester mod 70 classic super express went with the mod 70
  10. Enfield Bullet

    Haven’t touched my baby for 9 years and all it needed was a good wash bit of rust on the handle and the crash guards. Started with no effort. Engine was overhauled and increased the crank weight in 2009 and did only 6000 plus kilometres on the clock. Every one wants me to sell it as I am settled...
  11. Sold: Hikvision Vulcan 15mm Thermal Monocular

    What’s the difference between this and the lynx 15
  12. 308 bullet choice

    I use federal power shok 150grain soft point for everything and it drops them on the spot. It’s groups touching cloverleaf too. About to try 165 and 180 just to see how it groups
  13. Grant application - Met police

    They have a lot of back log. They recently moved their office as well. So not really their fault.
  14. My Pump-Action Shotguns

    Now that’s my Winchester 120 ranger. Absolutely love it.
  15. Sold: Hawke vantage 4-16x44sf

    Still in eBay 😂😂