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  1. Roe rut 2014

    hi , yes they are getting there , counted around 12 bucks last night 3 or 4 of these were hunting up and chasing does, all this after 9,00 pm out at 3,30 this morning and the same , 7or 8 bucks seen 3 off them were with does , and this was at a diffrent area as the night before so moving all...
  2. antlered doe

    hi brian i done the head out today , will bring it to the fair , willie
  3. foxes taking roe fawns

    hi shot a dog fox early on trying to take one of a pair of twins , the doe was chasing the fox away but the **** wouldn't leave them , this went on for a good half hour before his luck run out .
  4. Any cpcs assessors on here central scotland

    hi davie , you could try Camilla training ,they are based in cardenden in fife .
  5. Why Have Two Dogs and Bark Yourself??

    keep them at it brian , nice to see the boy getting stuck in , give me a call soon , willie.
  6. Roe kids

    hi plenty of kids about yes , but a lot of large does without , thinks the weather has taken it toll on them , this is in moray so could be different in other areas , was in fife last week and didnt see a hell of a lot there eaither , so think theres been a few lost ,
  7. zeiss customer care

    thanks for that jay 22, regards willie.
  8. zeiss customer care

    hi, has eny body have the contact number for swarovski uk . regards willie
  9. Top Class Day with Jamross65

    getting me worried , to ?
  10. big cat just maybe

    wording i think you would require would be for the protection of humans / animals ,
  11. dog taken by wife!!

    you have 28 days to charge her , you can change your mind .
  12. dog taken by wife!!

    been there , got the tee shirt. lost the best gwp that ive ever had, go and take it back you have, as mutch write as her to the dog , the longer you leave it the less chance you have of ever seeing them again, wait until there in the kennels and shes not there and take them, but dont get into...
  13. SNH Best Practice Demonstration Event: Balmoral

    could not agree more ,snh did well ,
  14. warbles found in roe deer ?

    hi , yes we get a lot with warbles up on the high ground , never had 56 but had them with 20 plus , never had eny in fife , but moray yes , but funny seems only on the high ground , regards willie.
  15. I Hate Swarovski UK!!!

    just buy them brian , you will need them up her this year , regards willie .