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  1. Use of a. 222

    I’m sorry but that isn’t what you said. You didn’t say that .22 cf are accurate, you said that it is MORE accurate. The first statement is true, the second is false
  2. Mannlicher Schoenauers

    What sort of accuracy are you getting at 100 yards with these rifles?
  3. Fox decline

    Terrier men are renound for hating lampers and over exaggerating their effects on the fox population. And it’s a fox earth, not a burrow.
  4. Fox decline

    Certainly arnt noticing a decline in our area unfortunately
  5. Wanted: Cz 452 .22lr wooden stock

    Hi, I’m looking for the above. Sporter or varmint. Many thanks
  6. Free: Christmas rifle raffle

    A great offer
  7. For Sale: Tikka m595 .222

    Any idea of shot count? Is a bore scope available to look at the barrel if the rifle is viewed?
  8. For Sale: Hw60 .222 magazine

    £25 posted, cheers
  9. Howa 1500 Opinions

    I can, and have helped many people with rifles that won’t shoot. I Normally advise against buying a howa now as I have seen too many that won’t shoot. And before I get accused of being a snob ect. I used to love howas. I never had a problem with a pre 2012 howa, and I had many that would shoot...
  10. Howa 1500 Opinions

    I have seen many, many howas that won’t shoot moa
  11. Barnes TSX performance

    Well durr.. lapua scenars arnt designed to expand at all!?
  12. First rifle

    I would happily use a .243 on reds if they could shoot back. The .243 is the caliber of choice for many highland estates. I would go as far as to say that a .243 with good bullet choice is more deadly than a .308 with poor bullet selection. But then people like to get caught up in the caliber...
  13. runners (foxes)

    It doesn’t mean that the fox went far, it’s easy to lose a fox that runs a short distance.
  14. runners (foxes)

    Not quite true, Iv blown their hearts out and still had them run 50m
  15. Barnes TSX performance

    And the problem with carcass damage on roe with the 143gr eldx really isn’t a problem. I shoot plenty of roe and muntjac with mine and I’m pushing them faster than most, and I’m yet to have a problem unless you have poor shot placement