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  1. Wanted: Synthetic Sako 75 stock

    For .222/.223, what have you got? Cheers
  2. Maximum Range for Stalking

  3. Sold: Hawke sidewinder 4-16x50

    Sold pending payment
  4. Sold: Hawke sidewinder 4-16x50

    Hi, yes it’s illuminated and 30mm tube, I have had it from new but have unfortunately lost the box and accessories.
  5. Sold: Hawke sidewinder 4-16x50

  6. Sold: Hawke sidewinder 4-16x50

    This is the half mil dot reticule version. Really good condition bar one small rub mark on the elevation turret. Only selling due to having sold the rifle it was mounted on. £200 plus £10 postage. Thanks
  7. Democratising Deer Stalking?

    I just can’t see any problem with the way things are at the moment. Everyone that I know who wants to shoot deer and has a good work ethic have as many deer to go at as they could possibly want. On the flip side, everyone who I know who are struggling to get permissions are in my eyes un capable...
  8. Democratising Deer Stalking?

    Yes, but those estates reley on people paying for the privilege of going stalking with a stalker. Cheapening and making stalking more accessible to anyone who owns a rifle won’t be helping those estates
  9. Democratising Deer Stalking?

    Anyone can get into stalking with the right mentality. Yes it’s hard, but that’s how it should be. I personally don’t think the amount of newcomers is a good thing. Many don’t have a clue what they are doing and it’s the deer that suffer as a result.
  10. Well done Britain

    I couldn’t agree more. Voicing concerns and having a point of view is perfectly fine. But repeatedly describing our country as being a **** hole is a bit narrow minded. Perhaps a look at some of the other countries on this planet would give him a new perspective? I’m not for one minute trying to...
  11. Why’d I miss?

    Is it a synthetic stock?
  12. .270 or .308

    If you can’t tell the difference between a .308 and a .243 at a glance then maybe it’s time for a visit to specsavers 😂
  13. Britain's death toll

    I do find it funny how everyone thinks that they could do a better job of leading this country. Perhaps learning to spell could be a more achievable goal than solving a world epidemic with internet rants?
  14. .243w Range.

    I have shot a .243 win out to a mile. Look at the data rather than listen to people’s opinions. Rifles can be shot in the transonic ranges but a good starting point is to look at how far a bullet stays supersonic. The cartridge will be effective out to this range