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  1. Sold: Tikka M595 5 round mags x2

    I'll take both please.
  2. Available: Game shoot syndicate membership

    Due to the retirement of some older members places have become available on a Pheasant shoot based in North Derbyshire. The shoot is a small self run shoot with all members expected to help with work parties and feed distribution on the shoot. We shoot on Saturdays from the end of October...
  3. New boots, what to buy?

    Meindl douvre extreme. Had mine for four season now, really comfortable and waterproof.
  4. 6.5x47 - load development

    Beautiful piece of wood there! You friend must be very happy with that. I see you chose a good location for load development:D
  5. Carlton Moor Tunnel Range

    Yes, it was me away with Mike in Suffolk doing some of my level 2. Personally I don't think you will find a better place to zero or work a load up for you rifle.
  6. contact details - Nomad clothing

    Can anyone suppy there contact details, the website seems to be down at the moment. Thanks.
  7. What a bloody waste!

    Hmm, don't like the sounds of a legal approach. That type of approach usually leads to big bills and little satisfaction........ How many deer does the stalker take off the ground? Bucks or Does? You say he's made three visits - three days or three weeks? Maybe a deer fence along the side of the...
  8. Bolt Carrier/Holder?

    In answer to the original question RWS make a good and compact bolt holder/carrier. It has the slots for your waist belt cut into the rear face of the leather pouch so it sits level with your belt (which I prefer) rather than dangling down. One word of caution - bolts should be lightly greased...
  9. Moderators and are they really necessary

    Well I stalk with two different rifles, one with a mod and one without. I prefer the one with the mod and the second has been threaded ready to have one fitted. Why? well two main reasons. Firstly they are quieter to use but mainly because I can see the shot strike far easier due to less recoil...
  10. Staffs/Shrops/North Wales Stalking

    Stone, you're not alone there. The deer around where I stalk seem to have changed their habits/patterns and are sitting very tight.
  11. Carlton Moor Tunnel Range

    Just got back from an evenings load testing and zero and saw this thread had been started I've used this tunnel several times and its all Stone has described and an excellent place to do your load...
  12. Sauer 202 or Blaser in 243

    I have a 202 Elegance. Personally I think the safety is excellent, easy to use yet very difficult to accidently knock it to the fire position. That and the fact that it was available as a left hander were the main reasons I bought it. The forearm is thin and a pain to fit a bipod to. I also...
  13. Nomad or Swazi Smock

    knife : on belt - Don't like dangly knives on a belt gloves on yer hands - not for warmth, for gralloch ammo :in the pocket of you rifle bag - spare mag in pocket head torch:shoot it properly within day light hours - I never shoot after dark unless lamping vermin. I use a head torch as...
  14. My day stalking... a photo-write-up

    Gez, great write up. I was up around Newton Stewart a few weeks back and I had a couple of blank stalks, didn't see a thing but the enjoyment was still as big.
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