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  1. Available: Roe buck stalking

    Hello, I'd like to book a few outtings. Please let me know your timing. Regards
  2. Introduction

    Hi, I'm from Surrey, I have FAC for 1.5 years and regulary go stalking in Scotland. I have a DSC 1, Rifle 308 Win, First Aid in forestry.
  3. Available: Roe Bucks

    Hi, I live in Surrey and interesting for deer stalking in south west of England, can you let me know how I could join.
  4. Available: Syndicate near Langholm 2 places FE.

    Hi, I’m interesting in to join the syndicate, I have Basc insurance and DSC1, I stalked regularly all last year at Bonchester bridge area.
  5. Introduction

    I have been regulary deer stalking in the UK, for 1.5 years with my own rifle, calibre 308 win. I have DSC1 and I am based in Surrey.