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  1. Neopod on a sauer 202 td?

    Am looking at a Neopod to use on my Sauer 202 TD but want to check here if anyone done that. Not sure if it works as the front end fastner is not fixt but swirvels.. howmwold that work out? Good or bad? Cheers!
  2. Typical ranges for deerstalking?

    Thanks all for your input and for sure I do shoot within my ability so thats not a problem. Just interesting to hear your opinions abut it. In Sweden its not , at least for me, too common with longer shoots as its mainly woodlands. Driven hunts are another thing and for that ipersonally use...
  3. Typical ranges for deerstalking?

    Of course the scope is not to see the animal but to acess the whole situation and I am probably more careful before takin a shoot and over the years i have used less and less magnification when shooting. Not sure why but over the years using less and less magnification. I have been stalking...
  4. Typical ranges for deerstalking?

    Thanks both "smith" and "singer", Myself I usuallt dont take shoots over 100m (m=meters and is a measurment used on mainland Europe ) on roe but they better be standing and not disturbed.. we will be hubting in higher grounds so I guess we will have time and not shoot at running animals as we do...
  5. Typical ranges for deerstalking?

    Hi, I wanted to ask about what ranges you typically shoot at when stalking? Also what kind of scopes you are usingn and recommend.. Thanks Peter
  6. Wanted: Looking for red deer stalking in September

    A friend am myself are looking for a good weekend stalking red deer between 26Sept to 1 oct. Any good places around Edinbough area +3 hours drive? //Peter
  7. New on the SD

    HI all! And greetings from Sweden and the Nordic cold countries. Looking forward to get some hints and suggestions on getting good Stalking experience in the Uk. All hints and ideas are of great value! Goal is to be Stalking around the 26´th of Sept to 1Oct. Have a great one! //Peter