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  • Hi, Andy, can you recomend the best way for me to measure or indeed find out what the best OAL is for my newish 6.5x55 Sako 75. I've ordered the reloading gear (secondhand other than dies etc) and I've ordered a reloading book: Modern Reloading 2nd Edition
    Richard Lee; Hardcover
    I'm nearly ready for my first reloading session ! I'd like to get some good results 1st off though, and safely too !! Someone told me to chamber a dummy round with a loosely seated bullet and to measure the length beffore and after but this sounds a bit hit and miss ?
    Hope your well, regards, Oliver.
    Hi Muir,

    Sorry for direct approach, but I remember your post about Lee Classic Loader some time ago, but cant find it. I think in that post you listed all neccessary accessories, some not included in lee loder kit. I have never tried reloading but would like to give it a go, but dont want to buy too much equipment. I thought if I had that list I could order lee loder kit and all other stuff from one place such as Midway or similar.
    Kind regards,

    Greg Login
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