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  1. Stalking with the new Ridgeline Storm Smock - Pick yours up at the Deerstalking Fair

    Cuttings doing these to £49 bargain Should read uttings
  2. Method of graloching, level 2 and deer species

    Ok I have to ask what is a green gralloch ? You only do a green gralloch, with minimal holes, and complete the full gralloch once you have recovered the carcass. Stan
  3. Electric collars

    I'm not looking to start a discussion or argument nor do I intend to justify my reasons for asking. I require an electric collar and would seek recomendations as to which brand/model users of same use or would recommend .
  4. Harkila Pro shooter trousers

    Has anyone got any info on these ?The pro hunter ones get good reviews but might be a bit on the warm side for me Cheers
  5. CHEAP Harkila Pro Hunter Trousers - Heads up!

    Steve Did you get my PM Cheers
  6. Le Chameau "Kotkor" gaiters...

    Mine lasted a season then within 2 weeks both buckles fell apart.Only bought them as RFD didn't charge for a transfer[ felt obliged to buy something by way of a thank-you].Purchased a pair of Black Islander ones a couple of weeks ago and yes I know they are more expensive but first impressions...
  7. Shooting Deer at night

    Emergency measures to prevent damage by deer. (1) This subsection applies where the Commission are satisfied— (a) that deer— (i) are causing serious damage to woodland or to agricultural production, including any crops or foodstuffs; or (ii) are causing injury to livestock, whether by...
  8. Has anyone used

    As title has anyone used this company or have any experience of them ?
  9. Le Chameau mouflon boots

    Meindl Dovre Mine are 18 months old worn for a season and a half .The rubber rand has split vertically in numerous places on both boots .Not impressed they are comfortable though !
  10. Bleeding Deer - What is 'Best Practice'?

    When did the "gralloch" include the removal of the pluck ? The first thing to "go off" in a dead animal is blood so get rid of as much as possible as quickly as possible.If the animal is chest shot and the blood has started to congeal get your fingers in there and release the clots you will be...
  11. Being Ripped Off

    Are you sure ?Had the eye pieces replaced .Lost one of the covers first time out !
  12. The costs of appeals

    Where are we going with this one? Brithunter How about some facts ! Did this poor woman take her own life and then the police[sorry plod]seized the poor chaps firearms ? Were the firearms with an RFD and police [plod]pushed their way in and carried out the seizure .Was the woman in decline with...
  13. The costs of appeals

    No requirement for FEO to be present and no warrant required by police
  14. 2 rifles same calibre

    Don't know where your based but one scoped rifle and one with open sights for woodland worked for me !
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