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  1. For Sale: Isuzu Single Cab -body/Tub for sale

    Only 4 months old, in sliver see this ad -
  2. FAC Query Following Snapped .243

    Quick update, license returned with old .243 serial removed and provision left on ticket for replacement which I've now bought, elected a .243 Tikka T3 Lite X ( with the Cerkote on) it means my rings and mod are all compatable. Just to finish then, a warranty exchange wasn't possible...I did...
  3. Suggested Rifle Case?

    I like the Tasmanian bag but could only find on Amazon....ouch, I'll take a look at the Ogden online now as well
  4. Suggested Rifle Case?

    Hi all, my current case has served me well for 10 years but after numerous strap repairs and taping up holes I now need to change it. I've also realised over those 10 years the case pockets are longer bug enough what with extra kit I now take. Anyone suggest a heavy padded case, with over both...
  5. FAC Query Following Snapped .243

    Very many thanks to you all for your concise replies I'm on the case
  6. FAC Query Following Snapped .243

    Indeed, I've had a bad failure, slipped over, rifle breached a badgers hole and my weight came down on the rifle and snapped it in two. I'm aware I could just buy a new stock and transfer the barrel over etc. In my case I want to replace the whole rifle, same calibre though, use same sound...
  7. Range in South East

    Thanks, looking at the info on the century range I'm slightly lost at the terminology, do you know what Kongsbery or McQueen Castle targets are?! I'll have a look at You Tube see if there's any info on it, gone are the days then of a paper target!? I bet theres an App thrown in too
  8. Range in South East

    Many thanks for that I've just dropped them a quick email see what they come back with tomorrow
  9. Range in South East

    Hi all, Can anyone name a non membership range I could attend to zero in my new rifle ( .243) in the SE? I'm well aware of Bisley but reading their website I'm unclear if you need to be a member of some org or not. I only require 100mtrs, thx in advance.
  10. Shooting Table / Rifle Rest

    you know what that look bl**dy brilliant! thx very much
  11. Shooting Table / Rifle Rest

    Hi, for years I have always cobbled together the above out of stuff lying around, I've used using all manner of things when zeroing in, from an old camping table which rotted away in the end, hessian sacks filled will wood chips and modified yoga sponges acting as a bench rest! Have folks out...
  12. For Sale: ZIESS Victory HT 3-12 x56

    As the title suggests, scope is approx. 18months old, whilst on rifle it's been covered with a scope cover (removed for video) - Anyone who knows about the Schot Ziess coatings will appreciate the low light capabilities. The white 'spots' on the objective end of the scope in the video is only...
  13. PARD 007 Query

    Last 2 replies made me chuckle ''wonderful Germanic glass creation'':rofl:
  14. PARD 007 Query

    Anyone married one of these up to a Ziess VICTORY HT 3–12x56? One supplier of the PARD is suspecting the special coating on the Ziess will filter out the IR and prevent pass through of the IR?
  15. Shooting Sticks - Make??

    Watching this vid the sticks caught my eye, anyone know who makes em?? Probably the best imagery is 10mins 13 sec into the film