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Leica Amplus 6
  1. Broken Purdey

    Carlw no offence taken by yours or any of the reply’s. I will follow up on the info and contacts that have come up (thanks again for those) and whatever info comes to light i will post. It’s something I’ve been meaning to look into for ages as its taking up room in my cabinet and i’ve often...
  2. Broken Purdey

    Thankyou everyone for the comments. Yes its missing its fore end. I can only think it has been driven over at some point.... possibly a steam roller??!! Its 16 bore number 4204 on the end of the grip safety 448 on the barrels (conversion no by Henry of Edinburgh maybe?). Your comments have given...
  3. Broken Purdey

    I am the proud owner of a (very) broken Purdey. I’ve no idea how it came to be in such a state as the previous owner is no longer with us. Its been in my cabinet for ages and i dont really know whats best to do with it (if it wasnt a purdey then id just hand it in to get rid of it). Im just...
  4. For Sale: Clothing Clear Out

    Could i have the shirts and the fleece gilet please. PM on way
  5. Time for a laugh! The Pigeon Shooter's Lament!

    FrenchieBoy brilliant. Was a member of pw years ago when it was just a friendly old bunch happy to chat and share a few tips, was one of the first forums i joined.Cant remember when or why i stopped going in there now but buy the sounds of it they need to go back to there roots a bit. Happy new...
  6. A "shot" of Whisky

    We could keep that tradition alive with with the price of some non toxic cartridges!
  7. Swap: 12G Clay shotgun cartridges

    Open to offers..
  8. For Sale: Nightvision

    Both items now sold
  9. For Sale: Nightvision

    ATN now sold. Open to offers on the Yukon
  10. Swap: 12G Clay shotgun cartridges

    Ive got 2 x full slabs of eley Olympic trap and 225 of eley VIP plus the loose Olympic traps in the pic. These are leftover from back in the days when i used to do lots of clay shooting, i don't anymore and am wondering if anybody fancy's doing some sort of swap for fibre wad pigeon shooting...
  11. For Sale: Nightvision

    I am selling 2 x nightvision units, first is a yukon, never really used as you can see £150 2nd is an atn Palidin, have used this as a cheap and cheerful spotter £60. Any inspwction welcome if collected (west Cornwall) or will post at cost.
  12. For Sale: 22-250 dies and 505 scales

    Hi Jock, both items sold now
  13. For Sale: 22-250 dies and 505 scales

    Scales now sold,dies still for sale. Open to offers
  14. For Sale: Logun gun lamp

    I have a logun gun lamp kit for sale. Havnt used it for years. The battery is dead but it worked last time i used it so i would think a new battery andit will be fine £15
  15. For Sale: Perazzi spares kit and chokes

    I have a perazzi spares kit minus the firing pins, plus 2x perazzi skeet chokes ( fit my mx3c, not sure what other models they might fit?) £75
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