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  1. For Sale: Lyman 2-Cavity Bullet Mold #311041 30 Caliber (309 Diameter) 173 Grain Flat Nose Gas

    I don't know if I'm allowed to post this or not so apologies to the mods if I'm unwittingly breaking the rules, but there's another post in this forum (under my name) which is offering the Lyman M-Die for loading these, if anyone was to be interested in both this item and mine.
  2. For Sale: Powders, Bullets, Other Bits

    I do, very occasionally, but I don't know when I'll next get down there. Let me get back to you - will PM later when I've looked at my diary.
  3. For Sale: Powders, Bullets, Other Bits

    Crikey! A flurry of interest! With apologies to Acm, who was just pipped to the post by banus for the 150 interlocks, I've updated the above, pending the usual arrangements.
  4. For Sale: Powders, Bullets, Other Bits

    Hello Chaps, I used to post on here a long while back but as I said in one of my last posts a few years ago, stalking turned out to be something of a comedy of errors for me and I packed it all in - lack of time, money, etc. I was rummaging around in the reloading cupboard earlier this morning...
  5. Sold: Edgar Brothers 9-13" Swivel Mount Bipod

    Sold pending payment.
  6. For Sale: .308 Win Dies / Brass / Bullets / Powder / Primers

    Bump. Need to get this stuff cleared out, so open to sensible offers on any of it.
  7. Sold: Edgar Brothers 9-13" Swivel Mount Bipod

    Bump, with another price drop.
  8. Sold: Kahles Helia CT 3-10x50

    Price drop. Will consider sensible offers.
  9. For Sale: Heym SR20 / Kahles Helia CT 3-10x50 / Reloading Gear & Data

    Rifle now sold. Moved other items into more appropriate sub-forums as per classified ad rules.
  10. Sold: Edgar Brothers 9-13" Swivel Mount Bipod

    Hello Chaps, I have an Edgar Brothers 9-13" swivel-mount bipod to offer for sale. SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Thanks for your interest, Adam.
  11. Sold: Kahles Helia CT 3-10x50

    Hello Chaps, I have a little-used Kahles Helia CT 3-10x50 Scope offer for sale. This is the previous generation to the current KX scopes (or so I'm told) but it's still top quality Austrian glass from the oldest scope maker in the world. This was originally advertised in the firearms...
  12. .308 Bullet Choice

    Don't worry too much about twist rates and bullet weights - it seems to be a matter of luck in my experience. I've just sold my .308, but that wasn't before I'd developed a 220gr RN (the Hornady 3090 I think it was) load that would have flattened anything I'd pointed it at in this country...
  13. For Sale: .308 Win Dies / Brass / Bullets / Powder / Primers

    Addendum to the above: I received earlier today, an inquiry asking whether I would send the RWS cases, primed and un-primed, through the post. Naturally I refused as it's illegal on several counts and against carrier regulations. I was then asked whether I would de-prime the primed cases and...