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Leica Amplus 6
  1. Available: syndicate places

    Hi, did my PM come through? Thanks Nick
  2. S & B Klassik Illuminated Ret.

    Please can you all help me (I think I am missing something) I would really really like a S & B 4 - 16 x50 Classic with illuminated reticle but I can not find if they make them for love nor money and if not why don't they do their standard range and you can add the IR on as an extra! Thanks Nick
  3. Stock Making

    I have some free time and am thinking about trying to make my own stock, well learning the art of! Does anyone have any good links/or names of books I can have a look at before but butchering some practice pieces of wood!!! Thanks Nick
  4. Wanted: hampshire/wiltshire

    Gaz, let eat me know if you find some land as keen to get involved. nick
  5. Available: Pheasant Syndicate places South East Hampshire

    Martin, i would be keen. I will pm you tomorrow. thanks nick
  6. Boar and Red rifle wanted but what can I take to France?

    Thanks for all the great replies. On that note I now have to decide between 308 or 30 06!!!! any suggestions? thanks N
  7. Boar and Red rifle wanted but what can I take to France?

    So I know this has been discussed a few times but I heard, but can not clarify that you can now use a .308 in France for Boar if it is your own rifle that you take with you. Can anyone help me find out where I can confirm this? Otherwise, .270 or 30-06 or 6.5x?? Love to know your thoughts...
  8. what stalking trousers (must be very waterproof)

    I have some prohunter trousers which I love but am also thinking of getting a pair of these: Fjallraven Barents Trousers - Dark Olive, Outdoor Trousers and Shorts Anyone used or seen them?
  9. best boots

    Altberg Highlander GK. They are a lot lighter than they look and have kept me dry and warm on over 50 days stood in river meadows so far this season whilst picking up. Very comfy but reccomend changing the insoles for the aftermarket ones that Altberg sell.
  10. Deer Tray required -90cm x 45cm

    Homebase tray is just a smidge too big. Trying to get it between the back door and the dog crate! The guys at Alison Handling are top blokes Nick
  11. Deer Tray required -90cm x 45cm

    Does anybody have any brilliant ideas about where I can get or what I can use to make a waterproof deer tray from my landover that is 90cm x 45 xm to fit between the door and my dog crate. Trying to contain blood and hair as its getting a bit smelly! I have tried google for about the past 3...
  12. Shoot/stalking Jackets

    Ridgeline Torrant jacket has proved great and comes in camo or plain green. For the money its one of the best bits of kit i have ever bought.
  13. To use a rangefinder or not?

    So after starting this I have now purchased a rangefinder today and can't stop playing the guessing game!!! Good bit of kit, small and simple. Interested to see how it works in low light. Thanks for all your replys. Nick
  14. To use a rangefinder or not?

    Interesting to hear all the views. I too have reference points from high seats etc and would never take a shot I didnt feel comfortable with but having one would probably help to push my stalking a little. Nick
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