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  1. Sold: Annealer.

    Tony I have one of these a real era that I’ve been using about 3 years. I use a go system fine flame power torch from Amazon GoSystem Fine Flame Power Torch GoSystem Fine Flame Power Torch: Sports & Outdoors I upgraded the torch holder to one of these...
  2. Wanted: Barnes TTSX

    Still looking for Part boxes of Barnes TTSX 130 grain 30 cal and 80 grain 25 cal also have a mate who would like to try the 100 grain in his 6.5x55 Thanks Rick
  3. Wanted: Barnes TTSX

    what powder are you using? Have N140 N150 N160 but never got on with that in 25-06 and also reloader 22 which is great with 100 grain bullets
  4. Wanted: Barnes TTSX

    will pm you for payment details thanks
  5. Wanted: Barnes TTSX

    Anyone got any part boxes of Barnes TTSX looking to try 130 grain in 30-06 80 or 100 grain in 25-06 Thanks Rick
  6. Sold: New RCBS hand primer

    Sold to topdogpippin and funds received thanks Rick
  7. Sold: New RCBS hand primer

    still available will PM you payment details Regards Rick
  8. Sold: New RCBS hand primer

    I have a new but no box RCBS hand primer. It has never been used and the bits for large or small primers are still sealed in the plastic bag. I would like £45 posted by bank TX or PayPal friends and family. Might even have the correct shell holders I can chuck in if buyer lets me know what...
  9. Scope ring identification

    Had a closer look and think it’s ERA so possibly a set of Recknagel Quick Detachable Ring Set for Picatinny Rail (These rings are Weaver Spec so will actually fit both Weaver and Picatinny Rails) Ring Diameter - 30mm Height of Base - 6mm Contents Supplied - 2x QD Rings & Lever Locking Wrench...
  10. Scope ring identification

    Hi, I have some scope rings that I need to identify, I think the quick release ones have EAW on them but not sure and the others are heavy duty Steel both seem really well made. Please can anyone point me in the right direction from the photos? Thanks Rick
  11. For Sale: Reloading manuals

    If the Hornady falls through For any reason I’d take it. Thanks Rick
  12. Sold: Clear out - Various .30 cal, 6.5mm cal, 9.3mm cal bullet heads for sale

    Hi I’ll take these please if you still have them .30 cal Barnes TTSX 168gr x 25 £15 posted let me know how you want payment Thanks Rick
  13. Sako Finnfire P94S mag for under a fiver?

    Hi are you still making the 10 shot one and if you are how much are they posted please thanks Rick
  14. For Sale: Die clearance

    How much is the Redding 30-06 seating die please
  15. Wanted: Norma factory ammo boxes

    Thanks for the replies think I have someone sorting some out for me with box and inserts for 30-06