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  1. Confused over night/day scope!

    I’d go for a LL Vulpine MK3 you can switch it between your normal day scopes without a change to zero. To sort eye relief you just slip on a shotgun butt extension. If you don’t want to spend that much you can pick a 2nd hand MK1 up for about £250 which is what I still use on my 22-250 and...
  2. Khales helia CB

    Hi, I’m after advice on the value of a scope my mate has. It’s an 8x56 Khales Helia CB with illuminated reticle, glass is good couple of little marks on the under side of the 25mm tube but no crimping reason I’m asking is another mate is after a scope for his new 30-06 so trying to put the 2...
  3. Sold: .308 and .223 once Fired Brass

    Hi if once fired I’ll take the Geco 308 at £25 please PM sent
  4. Wanted: Long range target camera system with monitor

    Does that include the viewing screen or do I need to buy that separate?
  5. Wanted: Long range target camera system with monitor

    how much do these cost please
  6. Sold: 100 x .22-250 Winchester brass (new)

    Hi did these sell? If not send me a PM and I’ll take them Thanks Rick
  7. Sold: 200 x 50 gr .224 vmax

    I can’t help with getting you some 50 V-Max but can say they work great in my Tikka M55 1-14 twist 222. I push them with a hot load of 21.2 grains of Viht N130 the rifle also loves 40 vmax and Hornady 55 SPWC but the 55 vmax are longer and wouldn’t stabilise. The 50 vmax have now gone up to...
  8. Wanted: 30 cal spt

    Hi if the original poster doesn’t want them How much do you want for the £150 Nosler BT’s inc postage Thanks Rick
  9. Sold: Reloader Annealer with extras

    Thanks very much
  10. Sold: Reloader Annealer with extras

    You don’t by any chance still have an eBay item number or if not please can you tell me what you put in the search to find them Thanks Rick
  11. Sold: Reloader Annealer with extras

    Hi please can you tell me where you got The new torch holder arms from Ive been thinking of upgrading mine. thanks Rick
  12. Sold: Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24x50 Scope

    Hi have sent you a message Thanks Rick
  13. Wanted: .257 Nosler Partition

    I thought I’d seen a post with some one selling a lot of different .257 bullets inc 120 grain partitions but cannot find it was I dreaming or can some one link me to it please
  14. Sold: L42A1 .308 magazine

    Sold as long as we can work out how to get it to New Zealand legally!
  15. Sold: L42A1 .308 magazine

    Hi will PM you