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  1. Buyer Beware.............Google Is Your Friend !

    All local gun shops should have an online presence as why would you cut yourself out of more buyers than you'll ever get walking through your door. The local gun shops to me that don't sell anything online and do not have a website are the ones that never seem to have any stock of anything I...
  2. Gear Insurance?

    As most above mine are added to the house insurance and covered while away from home.
  3. FEO

    I'd recommend a nice dollop of ketchup to go with the chip on your shoulder! Rules of engagement for military and police are so different to stalking they are irrelevant. Firearms safe handling applies but then again carrying a loaded, made ready rifle/carbine/pistol while in a built up area or...
  4. Hoists & Pulleys

    I have a 4:1 pulley system. It's not that heavy or bulky and for me where I stalk it makes a suspended gralloch quicker and cleaner. I've started doing grallochs on the ground but suspended is now so much quicker and easier. I'd be buggered on the open hill though!
  5. Are gamedealers taking carcass

    There are at least 3 butchers/processors near me who offer this service. The sales of processed and packaged venison a far greater than what they charge for to heir service. Maybe I'm just lucky and spoilt for choice.
  6. Are gamedealers taking carcass

    Because the stalker would pay someone to process it for less than they'd sell the finished products for. No one would do it for free!
  7. Why the countryside can’t operate under Packham’s flag of peace

    I thought it was a good article but aimed at the wrong people. If we want to get the public on our side it's them we need to target. I bet more people read, saw and took in the tiny article in the newspaper from Mr Packham but none of the general public (who pretty much sit on the fence about...
  8. Are gamedealers taking carcass

    Or the farmers (who need it) pay people who can actually meet their demands like any other pest control and then the £1/kg isnt such an issue? The food bank is a good idea or have processors set up who can take a carcass with the skin on and then turn it into a packaged product for the stalker...
  9. Are gamedealers taking carcass

    Possibly, it was his word not mine. I took it to mean people who don't need to shoot a lot of deer ( ie have not real plan or goal but access to a lot of deer) but they do shoot a lot as they can make some cash and tell people about it??
  10. Are gamedealers taking carcass

    90p/kg for fallow from my closest game dealer. He said those who actually need to shoot deer are still doing so and bringing them in but all the stalkers who only shoot for money or to brag about numbers have all stopped bringing them in.
  11. Howa 1500 or Winchester xpr in 6.5CM...

    It has a similar top profile so Rem 700 bases and rings will fit but the bottom of the action is flat. It's actually very very similar to the action on my BSA CF2.
  12. Boot recommendations??

    Aku Pilgrims. An Italian designed hiking boot now issued to the British army. I have the lighter weight non gortex mesh versions (Aku Spyder) for work and have work the gortex ones too. Superb boot for around £160, worn my Spyders for over 2 years and a week of Via Ferrata in the the Dolomites...
  13. Sako Racehead 69grain 223

    Does anyone have experience of these or an idea of cost in the UK? Seems like GMK only list the Racehead in 308 and 300WM so it may be a non starter anyway.
  14. Fallow Bucks

    After sitting all eve watching the area of fodder crop where all the damage was occuring it was only as I decided to look about before giving up that two bucks had snuck into the field behind me. Farmer was chuffed, he even gave me some fillet steaks from his own beef herd!
  15. Travesty

    Trust me I agree with you, I don't think many do though.