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  1. leupold st base screws

    I had the same issue trying to find them in the UK. Only place was on Brownells for a horrific price, luckily I found a friendly riflesmith who had some in stock though
  2. BSA CF2

    I have a CF2 and it is quite similar to my Howa 1500. If I was going to go down a new adjustable stock route I'd look more closely to see if a Howa stock could be adapted which may be cheaper than a one off custom made to fit the CF2.
  3. Rangefinder

    Don't go down the Zeiss route as I did Zeiss repair disappointment For this reason alone I would look at Vortex with their VIP warranty.
  4. GP report.......again!

    Unfortunately I've been told this week that Sussex have left good sense and reason at the door and now will not be processing new applications/renewals without a GPs letter. Letting the GP decide on whatever fee they want depending on which way the wind is blowing.
  5. They are gearing up...

    Haha. I love your sense of humour Carl!
  6. Tikka Bullpup

    Love the ingenuity
  7. Howa trigger problem

    Never heard or experienced it myself but first thing I'd do is take the barrelled action out the stock and make sure all screws and bolts were done up correctly and straight. If that doesn't show anything and nothing else obvious then a trip to a gunsmith may be the only way.
  8. Rifle between 22 lr and 243

    Very true, 223 ammo is way more readily available near me than 222 and in a much wider selection (I found one box of 222 ammo but loads in 223 and in different makes and bullet weights) . You say 150m is the likely max which is fine for a 222 but if you start going a lot further then the...
  9. Dog food

    Have you ever been into a vet's that wasn't sponsored by a particular brand of food that they think is best? The same brand they get for free to feed their pets with, probably completely unrelated though.
  10. Dog advice (hope you’re sat comfy it’s a long one!!)

    I will be succinct, I was in a very similar situation to you (more stalking than bird shooting) and my head said Lab but my heart said HWV. I went with my heart and got a HWV and now wish I'd got a lab instead. Main reason being she is more pet than working dog and out the house she is amazing...
  11. Legality

    Not true I'm afraid, a cat is legally property so you could be found guilty of criminal damage to shoot a cat as it belongs to someone, however, you can also use force to defend your own property so killing a cat to protect your property (chickens for example) would be fine. The issue arises if...
  12. Humane animal dispatch Cert. only valid for 5 years ?

    Hopefully any course would cover if a scenario is too much grief for an unpaid volunteer to walk away and let the police and anyone else getting paid to deal with it, but then I don't need a course to teach me how to lead a quiet life and avoid unnecessary grief.
  13. Coping with back pain.

    I've got a degenerated disk in my lower back which causes constant stiffness and very mild pain but used to flare up regularly but hasn't done for a few years now. When I finally got to see a consultant he said when I get a flare up it needs 48hrs total rest to prevent it getting worse and...
  14. spartan javelin bipods

    Personally I think they're very good at what they were designed for which is a lightweight bipod that comes on and off easily. I would liken them a little to a Blaser in the sense that you spend quite a bit of money up front for a quality product and if you stick with the one product you'll be...
  15. Soft sentence for possession of a stolen S.5 firearm!

    The problem with sentencing in this country is that if you are a decent upstanding member of society who does something wrong in an otherwise law abiding life you get a harsh sentence because "you should have known better" whereas if you're a degenerate career criminal you get reduced sentence...