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  1. Magnetospeed

    I just cut about 25mm off the bracket but kept the same contour so it sits closer to the bore when using a mod. I use the rubber spacers to alter it depending how thick the diameter of the mod is I'm using.
  2. HWV for rehoming

    Thanks for the replies and PMs. I'll try and respond to all today around long shifts.
  3. HWV for rehoming

    She was spayed 3 months after her first season when she was about 16 months old. I have been hoping she will get better as she got a little older but it hasn't helped yet. The biggest issue is that my wife and I aren't a solid team on how to deal with her so I feel like I'm on the back foot most...
  4. HWV for rehoming

    It is after much deliberation between my wife and I with and with a heavy heart we have decided the best thing is to rehome our 2 year old spayed HWV bitch. My wife admits she never had time to get over the sudden passing of our previous dog and as such has never bonded with our new dog and this...
  5. Magnetospeed

    I bought the Sporter and after a year or so I modified it to work with the mod on. That way £200 for just a couple of extra functions definitely wasn't worth it
  6. Best electronic powder measure for the money?

    Chargemaster Lite is almost identical (lacking a few features but nothing I needed) the Chargemaster Combo but a lot cheaper and works on 230v and comes with the adapter plugs in the box. It bought it via Midsouth Shooters Supply in the USA and even with $70 tracked shipping at was still a big...
  7. Concrete bollard mould

    They currently have rectangular concrete ones but they're very old and falling apart, I imagine most will need replacing within the next few years. I have said that wooden ones (I like the sleeper idea) are probably the cheapest for now but if a mould was obtainable then that would be cheapest...
  8. Concrete bollard mould

    It's to go on a village green and there are about 30 in total in various states of repair. They want them to look decent but don't have the money to replace them at £130 each so a mould and make them as and when they need is the preferred option. Wooden moulds may be an option but I have a...
  9. Concrete bollard mould

    I'm sure I've seen these made in two halves from fibreglass to make your own concrete bollards as to buy they're about £130 per bollard. However I can't seem to find the moulds for sale anywhere online. Does anyone have any links or companies they know of who'd be able to sell one?
  10. KRG Bravo Stock Advice

    At the price it is I think it beats the competition hands down. For me it's the perfect blend of a chassis and traditional stock. Lots of adjustment and comfortable to use.
  11. Is the Zeiss V4 a real bargain?

    Delta are Polish and made in Japan, March scopes are made in Japan and the glass is exceptional in both. Delta are cheap for the top quality they are, not sure on their customer service though, March aren't cheap but are amazing quality and superb customer service. I think Zeiss are sacrificing...
  12. Pheasant prices

    No but the paying stalkers cover the wages of the ghillie. Without them it wouldn't be viable to maintain the deer, either eradicate them or let them expand and starve.
  13. Is the Zeiss V4 a real bargain?

    If its illuminated there is a good chance Zeiss will give 2 years for the electrics and then wash their hands of any aftercare (as I found with a range finder). It would seem Zeiss are losing their brand name, customer care and quality in the name of producing cheaper scopes in bulk. I'd avoid...
  14. Your tips for the best way to clean grimy woodwork?

    I used very hot water, scrubbing brush and Cilit Bang Grease and Grime on this old rifle BSA CF2 .308 Restoration You can see how dirty and greasy it was and how nice it came up. Didn't take much work at all and after a few coats of Danish oil it looks and feels superb. It did even take some of...
  15. The threat is real

    Talk about a waste of time and money just another item to distract the public and MPs from the real issues at the moment especially as this is already in place "There are a number of controls already in place on the import and export of hunting trophies. The UK Government will not issue an...