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  1. Friggin gun dealers.

    john please advise me can i not reply to anyone on here without a trade membership bit new to this please advise regarding what and who i can talk to, thanks alan
  2. new night sight on demo tonight with rep from night sight with outdoorcountrystore

    One more post advertising without becoming a trade member and you are gone. John
  3. Friggin gun dealers.

    Still no trade mmebership and still pushing the boudaries, my patience is not endless. John
  4. Hi

    No trade membership - no advertising, it's simple I did send you a pm about it, please comply! John
  5. Hi

    good morning i have just joined up after many years of shooting, since i was knee high to a grass hopper i have been out on the land all over east sussex with over 10,000 acres to shoot over , i look after the farms along the south downs and inland on deer managment, all this as well as running...