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  1. Wanted: South Powys / Wales

    Much appreciated , same applies. Good luck to yourself ! Matt
  2. Wanted: South Powys / Wales

    Hi jack , I had an email but sadly nothing came of this. Fingers still crossed
  3. Wanted: ICOtec electronic caller

    Looking for an ICOtec caller if anybody has one ? Regards Matt
  4. For Sale: Pard 007 add on and laser

    Good evening , Just wondering if you know how well this would work on a vortex PST gen 2 ? Hearn rumours / reports they don’t work on certain scopes / glass coatings , but work well on cheaper scopes ? Any info appreciated Regards Matt
  5. For Sale: pulsar digiforce 860vs digital spotter

    Is this still available ?
  6. For Sale: Night Vision

    Is this still available ?
  7. Podcast

    Thank you again , will get downloading and have a listen.
  8. Podcast

    Thank you again , Much appreciated.
  9. Podcast

    Thank you for the suggestions , will have a browse now. Matt
  10. Podcast

    Many thanks for the replies , much appreciated. Will start downloading some more. Found some really insightful information when listening and generally interesting.
  11. Podcast

    Good afternoon , Flying back from Montenegro shortly , during the flight out I was listening to the pace brothers podcast and also the meat eater (Netflix series) podcast, I am just wondering if anyone else listens to these or has anymore they listen to ? Matt
  12. Overview of the Reloading Process - From Spent Case to Loaded Round

    Some people describe it as almost therapeutic ? I am keen to learn and think this course will inspire me further , concerned about my own ability and trusting the method. A good book will aid me as suggested. Thanks for the info , people are extremely helpful and informative on this site. It’s...
  13. Overview of the Reloading Process - From Spent Case to Loaded Round

    Great insight into reloading , thank you. I have never reloaded as it looked like a dark art and i have no idea where to start. My rifle club is running a course at the end of the month , I will now be attending that as this post has given me hope. Just wondering what kit you need to be able...
  14. Naming a dog

    Good idea , thank you
  15. paramedicmatt

    I will send it to you now.

    I will send it to you now.