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  1. H4831, H4895 and IMR 4895

    Got 1.75 tubs of h4831 for sale my self if any one need some
  2. What is a 1/2 gun in a syndicate

    Nice pr mty , i won a 687 so i sold all the posh ones as this drops em just as well ,
  3. What is a 1/2 gun in a syndicate

    ahh yes the Miroku 12 gauge President I remember it well, yes mine rusted all the way back to Browning w,m work shops every few weeks until the day I got a DT10
  4. 6.5 Grendel is it enough

    Had a play many year ago with the 6.5 Grendel mil spec fmj on car stopping not many standard steel car doors and screens brushed it off , but then again 6.5CM beats it as a hunter IMO , the Grendel was made to bash up the 556 and replace it as its is a better performer and with the 123 sst i'd...
  5. Is Nosler "CUSTOM"still custom?

    :doh:I'v had the so called custom brass @£££££ and had to re cut the flash hole's and primer pockets on near every case as they were't all the same moved to hornady and Starline far better and cheaper:smug:
  6. reloading pulled bullets that were crimped into the cases

    I'v used to use them up on short range stuff 300 400 on ETR as it did't matter if my poi was't .5 moa so plinking as it were and i'v saved many £££££ this way ,crack on shoot em off ,also there good for fire forming new /used brass as its cheaper than new bullets .
  7. What is a 1/2 gun in a syndicate

    My understanding on a 1/2 gun is you only get to pull the rear trigger ,? :rofl: 1/2 the time ! o_O Herford don't be a sheep or a gun snob its the nut on the butt ! not the price of the stick that counts :popcorn::norty:
  8. British isles peoples?

    SORRY Off post but it came to mind seeing that again . I Used to love watching the old clampetts as a lad and thinking why do all the girls in the USA have big tits and tight shorts ?later in life i found out when i married a Texan:doh: but I was young then could't see past the fiddly bits ...
  9. Moderator vs Muzzle Brake

    Guy I know and way back let his 308 with a brake on within the running deer hut BSRC only to have a florescent light tube rain down on him as it exploded ,some may remember it well the old ones in the club might ! pmsl :rofl: that was one place when it was wrong to use one :oops:
  10. A short introduction...

    Welcome to the SD lots of guys your way that iam sure will be along :tiphat:
  11. British isles peoples?

    Yup the English know they can .:british::tiphat: The Scots tryd to and failed.:coat: The Paddy's just don't give a feck !:zzz: The Welsh still think there are fairy's and dragons around each hill .:cuckoo::scared: The real Cornish hate every one that's not from around there fish gutting shed...
  12. Midland Game Fair - anyone going, despite their best intentions ?

    Yes we don't use salted water thats been added then pumped into the dry'd out pigs to give it flavour and real salted butter on real door step bread , if your not wearing it by the time you have finished ! it was't as tasty as it should have been lol.
  13. For Sale: 4 GFG Mud terrains for sale--under 200 miles and 1 yr old

    If your running a 2019-20 your ranger stud pattern (PDC) Will be 6x nuts @ 139.7 or if your truck is say 2011-18 they are 6 x 139.0 . HUB SIZE hole 93.1mm A Toyota Hilux from 2005 -2019 they are 6x139 so on paperwork the same happy days . HUB SIZE hole 106 mm ! this may be a problem with the...
  14. Midland Game Fair - anyone going, despite their best intentions ?

    I rest my case , I cant understand why any one would go to any so called game fairs as there far from anything game and have been for years ! and I did say send me your hard cash and i'll cook you an over price pig roll and a garden wigy wig to take home .:old:
  15. Moderator vs Muzzle Brake

    They both have there place and I use both , but I find if iam at the range a nice ASBO pepper pot stuck on the end tends to keep the lane crossers at bay ,as no one won't to be next to one pmsl :rofl: