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  1. Airport scanners and powder residue

    Mate got stopped with full mag of 243 rounds left in his coat pocket in his bag (we had been out foxing the night before), a "how to fly an aeroplane" book in his bag (he was doing his pilots license) and his FAC was being updated with new home address! All ended well and he just caught his...
  2. Long Range Fallow....and Foxes

    Obviously a very capable and skilled guy. I watch and enjoy his videos but a little rangey on some of the fallow in my opinion.
  3. Gaiters

    black islander - durable, good quality and quiet in on the hill in heather
  4. 17 hmr - Cleaning Rod or Bore Snake?

    I use both. Bore snakes for quick clean, often late at night after rabbiting. Every so often then clean with pro shot rod and kit, as I do with my CF rifles.
  5. Trail Cam Help.

    Just trying out a Campark one for £50. So far so good, good images and waterproof. It has seen some weather and easy to setup.
  6. Deer Sleds

    The bushwear plastic one for £45 is fine. Angled front stops it digging it and fits into car easily. Great for fallow, had three roe in it once. BUSHWEAR DEER DRAG SLED OLIVE GREEN Regular price£44.99
  7. Lack of Expansion

    I did hear that the latest Nosler BT's are "harder" than the original. I only use the 150g Nosler BT's in my 308 and often get a good exit and blood trial so must be expanding ok. New to reloading so can't comment technically on your set up. I run 44.6 grains of N140. Consistent and hard...
  8. Binocular choice

    Spend as much as you can on second hand premium optics. Good optics get you deer. Often lots about as marketing makes us simple blokes upgrade!
  9. New Stalking Pack

    Bushwear do a swedteam small back pack that carries all you need, plus bungee on outer to take a coat and doesn't really effect having the rifle on your shoulder. For Scotland trips I have the Vorn Lynx - pricey but great buy once kit and transports all you need for a 1/2 or full day on the...
  10. Will I regret buying an Atec CMM4 instead of a Wildcat Evo?

    I have got both for the 308. CMM4 is smaller and lighter, Evo is great and I like the easy strip down and clean once in a while and quality UK made. Both similar in terms of noise based on my ears. Also the option to change the EVO if I ever change calibre.
  11. Doe Doh!

    Just starting to see the bucks again down here in Hampshire after the rut. Caught up with a lovely old buck the other morning and a couple of cull bucks have been seen and will be going to the larder during this week - hopefully.
  12. Meindl dovres

    I have these and the shorter ankle version. Both going well for 4+ years. I replace the insoles fairly often and remove after use to air the boot. I use plenty of the meindl sports wax on both boots and that makes a real difference. I use a boot dryer if necessary but tend to let air dry if...
  13. Best ‘hunting’ ballistic tip?

    I use nosler accubonds on reds with 300WM and engine room hits drop them to the shot. I use Nosler ballistic tips on fallow, roe and munties with 308. No issues with meat damage and carcasses are eaten or to game dealer. If you catch a shoulder on the roe, then yes damage but had similar with...
  14. Stag stalking, recommendations?

    Isle of Skye and unaccompanied. Did the ghillie / garron / stag experience at the NT place in Cairngorms once - a great experience but prefer solo hunting.
  15. First rifle

    If I had my time again I would go 270. Readily available, great on all deer (with the right shot placement on the smaller species to preserve meat) and nice and flat shooting for foxing with the right zero.