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  1. BBC Presenters.

    “And introducing our first guest, wheelchair bound trans athlete, winner of the egg and spoon race, formally known as Tim, Thumbelina Green-Agenda”
  2. BBC Presenters.

    Is this program called diversity challenge?
  3. Another "puppy farmer" caught

    About 5 years ago my sister bought a cockerpoo pup. She went to buy the pup from a breeder up in Shropshire. She can’t drive and was planning to go up by train to pick it up. It was about 80 miles away and based in the country side. I offered to drive her to collect it as I thought it was a...
  4. Hydro Dipping

    I’ve had two stocks done, one was a Tikka T3 stock in a Matt Autumn Camo pattern, this was around £85, the stock is frirst sprayed with a primer, then dipped in a hydro dipping film of your choice, the film will only stick to the primer coated surfaces, the stock once dry is then sprayed with...
  5. Feel better now...

    Extreme boat tail lever action bullets!
  6. Gundog Theft at Game Fair

    Hopefully it was chipped making it harder to sell on, it could possibly be used for breading though. These thieving low life scum make me sick.
  7. Wanted: 6mm Bullet Heads

    I wondered how long it would take before someone was compelled to chip in with a comment like this.
  8. Starting from scratch

    Hi guys, If you were starting out again from scratch, would you cut back on the number of rifles that you would purchase compared to what you might own now? Everyone’s situation could be different. A typical example might be this - if you are a member of a range, you might want a dedicated...
  9. Stock replacement/renovation for sako 85

    If you look at the threads I have posted, I have put up a thread which specifically covers this on a Sako 85 synthetic stocked rifle which I own. It shows the process from stripping the rubber coating off with cellulose thinners, to getting it hydrodipped in a Matt carbon fibre pattern.
  10. Sir Keir Starmer

    The acid test for rail workers is this, if you are so badly paid, why then is there such a huge queue for basically any job that is advertised in your sector? The answer is because you are not badly paid at all, quite the reverse in most cases, with archaic working practices designed solely to...
  11. Sir Keir Starmer

    Luckily for the Tories, Keir Starmer wasn’t obliged to resign over the beer and pizza Fiasco. This was the event that Angela Rayner conveniently forgot to mention that she had also attended. I think the Conservative party would be facing far tougher opposition if someone like Andy Burnham was...
  12. PPU Soft Point - performance on deer

    I bought a box in 243 calibre for my Sako 85, I struggled to chamber the rounds as the bolt was very stiff to close. They were accurate enough but I gave the remaining half box away. Didn’t actually try them on deer though as I wouldn’t risk taking them on a stalk with the chambering issues I had.
  13. The .270 is a superb calibre

    I’ve got two stalking rifles, a 243 and a 270. I think these two calibres cover just about all of my needs. If I only had one rifle, I would chose the 270, as you can comfortably take the largest of our UK deer with it at sensible ranges. It would also be pretty effective on wild boar here too...
  14. What shotgun did you start with?

    The first shotgun I bought was a new Benelli M2 comfortech, which was present to myself in 2009 after being made redundant from my job after 17 years. It took me a while to realise that they fire very high for the average shooter, even allowing for the drop and cast shim kit included. I had to...
  15. Cleaning up an old penknife.

    Pop the scales off first, look at youtube videos on how to do this with out causing damage to them.