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  1. 100 gr 243 for Howa?

    100 gn Yep sorry so they are :oops:
  2. 100 gr 243 for Howa?

    100 grn I use ballistic silver tips from winchester in mine.They work for me.
  3. Wedding Invite

    marrage ill save ya ill marry her :shock:
  4. New .308 and .17hmr

    new rifles Think willie has the answer there. As for rifles I think you cant go wrong with cz.I have 22 and 17 and cant fault them cheap and reliable.As for centre fire have a look at Howa.
  5. What scope

    8 x 56 spot on you wont have a problem there
  6. Porting

    Hi all I dont want to go down the road of a moderator as im happy with my rifle as it is.Im thinking of porting the barrel and just wondered what were your views and where I could get this done. Thanks.
  7. Roe Does - Wiltshire - November

    Wiltshire Great bloke is bill. £ 65 Realy
  8. Harkila Clothing

    Harkila Have tou tryed bush wear?
  9. Circle of life, fair well my little friend.

    little freind I reakon 6.5 hit the nail on the head.
  10. Oxford shoot requires new members

    shoot Hi chris im intrested in the shoot but have you more info as iv only ever done beaters shoot thanks Martin
  11. How do I get the deer now?

    What now Yes bide your time snowstom.The deer will return.It always seems after the rut for the next month or so the bucks dissapear totaly.Soon as the does start moving the bucks will be back on the scene.
  12. The Midland.

    Midland Yep ill be there too.not sure which day yet. May bring the canoe just incase. :-D
  13. varmit?

    varmint Like snowstorm says the barrel is alot heavier than the sporter. I was after a varmint rifle but after trying both decided that carrying a varmint stalking for hours wasnt practical.Thats just my opinion.
  14. Your most treasured memory.

    memory Waiting in the woods for a fallow buck.The big black one ive mentioned in another post.When out of the woods into the ride walked a doe followed by 11 more including young. They all walked within id say 15 ft of me. :-D

    march and shoot Hi steve, Im interested in the march and shoot butnot to sure what it is. Sorry if its a dumb question. Thank Martin.
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