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  1. Pulsar Accolade 2 XP50 Pro Thermal info please

    I've got a pair and they're great. Expensive, but great. Battery life great. Change the neck strap as they are heavy, use a proper shoulder harness for binos.
  2. Free: Double door drinks chiller… for collection

    Motor as in fan motor? Or do you mean compressor? What model is it?
  3. Sold: Blaser R93 30mm mount

    Hi all, Now surplus to my needs as have sold a few scopes recently. Here is a Blaser 30mm R93 mount (fits R8 and some other Blaser firearms). Condition is as per pictures, used, but perfectly suitable. £220 for a quick sale Thanks
  4. Tennis elbow in right elbow. Any tips?

    Any chance of links to the ultrasonic machine and tissue massage gun please. I’m willing to try anything before going under the knife.
  5. Best scope for a Pard 007 16mm to avoid POI shift

    Is your parralax set correctly on the scopes? The pard simply replaces the eye so shouldn't change your poi. Unless the scopes are that poor quality that the weight of the pard is flexing the eye piece?
  6. Tennis elbow in right elbow. Any tips?

    It's made my patience is pretty short i must say! How long did your steroid injection last? For 48 hours after the injection it was sore but then a miracle cure....albeit temporary. :-(
  7. Tennis elbow in right elbow. Any tips?

    Hi all, I've got tennis elbow and it's really causing me some bother. I believe it's from lifting the rifle on to the sticks using my right hand on the pistol grip whilst the left are holding the sticks. I've gone down the steroids route but that only sorted it for 6 months, they've now...
  8. Wanted: Blaser R93 28g shotgun barrel

    Join the queue!
  9. Spypoint LTE Trail Cameras

    They might have a specific SIM card that works here? Else the roaming function might not work with a US sim when you get back to the UK?
  10. Sold: Schmidt & Bender 3-12x50 PM1

    Price drop to a bargain of £600 posted to UK
  11. Wanted: Blaser R8 Professional Success Stock

    Say yes to the offer, where's your xmas spirit!
  12. Smocks... £250-300 what would you buy?

    I can't find this one, is the Ridge Pro M Anorak the replacement?
  13. Smocks... £250-300 what would you buy?

    Im looking for something with the following features: Tough, my kit takes abuse, thorns, muck, blood, etc... Breathable or ability to ventilate (underarm zips, etc) Neoprene cuffs (I don't like velcro) Long rear for sitting on Silent fabric Bino pouch on front and hand warmer pockets Not heavy...
  14. Absolute best low light scope?

    No thermal, no night vision, what's the best low light scope available? A fixed 8x56 or 7x50? If so by whom? Swarovski? Schmidt? Zeiss? I'm asking as I sat watching a few fallow well within legal time tonight through my thermal but couldn't pick them out using my Schmidt 4-16x50 :-(
  15. Sold: Schmidt & Bender 3-12x50 PM1

    Little bump