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  1. White faced staggie

    I believe all the white faced deer originated From lord breadalbane ‘s extensive deer parks the bald faced deer were in the park around the white tower which became the Anderson wood.theyspead out through all the nearby estates most of which were former breadalbane properties. We even had them...
  2. Wanted: Live fallow

    Could try Gunton I got a starter herd from there about 10yrs ago all the Menel form, they,ve done well with me , although a too hyper to put through handling race without casualties .reds are easier to work with. Bottle rearing a couple of calves to get really tame hinds does help bring deer...
  3. What do you do with deer all day?

    On hill this time of year Gralloch ,red and green, head off and set up on elbows and knees and hope eagle don’t find it before you get back to it
  4. Running a deer park

    The quality of the ground is paramount and will to a large extent limit what can be done. It,s one thing to breed deer another to finish them well.culling large numbers with a rifle on limited space will potentially cause serious stress issues giving purple carcasses and is basically unpleasant...
  5. What do you carry whilst stalking?

    An air of cautious optimism
  6. Fieldsports Britain driven muntjac

    I don’t have strong feelings either way,used to drive roe in planting’s using number 3,s or 4,s rarely had one wounded. I don’t fancy driven boar myself but would like to go and watch. We tend to view such things from our own limited experiences, how we learned to hunt etc but driven hunts...
  7. hind culls

    If with a client female and safe back stop generally, IMO better to take cull from younger hinds and any late calvers if you have time to check through them. I try to avoid taking lead hinds unless I’m in a position to take out a whole family group as this can adversely effect the survivability...
  8. Deer die off over with winter

    Winter mortality is normal, in good winters often confined to the diseased and surviving calves from culled mothers. In long periods of snow cover you can lose the whole cohort of current years calves. This is made worse by population concentration ,disturbance and our tendency to fence them out...
  9. gun cabinet

    Just stripped cabinets out of pitcastle if your passing have a look and see if any good also large ammo safes
  10. dronpro

    Thanks for that , it will be the pulsar this season anyway as pockets a bit light till I get a seasons tips put by.
  11. dronpro

    Thanks for the info. Is there anything else out there comparable? I currently use the pulsar lrf which is good on sumlight mode well into true dark but a bit grainy on ir out 200yrds and over . I generally use it staking out dens for the most part but could do with something with more reach for...
  12. Questions before a variation

    Novices welcome but you will have to hit a mark before we would move on to live animal.WIth a novice we would close right in and usually only go for broadside heart/lung shots.Many people can already be good target shots but on live animal can make them a bit shakey, this is mainly the...
  13. dronpro

    I must of missed something , I was thinking of changing to a drone pro for nv. What happened ,is it the armasight company gone down or the importer??
  14. Brushcutter / Strimmer advice ?

    I would have to say big still over ,big husky. If it was just for grass and light scrub the tanaka has proved pretty robust and durable. Grass only then the robin does used to get flail blades for the still and for mulching scrub a metal blade with tips turned down at right angles it...