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BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod
  1. BASC Training

    Thank you for the response David, I must say from the outset that general feeling I got from your response was not that of an organisation that was just about to repel compulsory Training Schemes If i can comment on this section Training courses run by the shooting organisations will...
  2. BASC Training

    David thanks for the reply however if I can answer the following statement Sorry if I did not make it clear- the main reason why FLO's go for DSC 1 on FAC applications for 'deer' rifles, is because under the ACT the FLO needs to satisfy themselves the applicant is safe and the DSC has a...
  3. BASC Training

    Thanks for the reply David, however I feel that BASC are mopping up individual cases of malpractice by the FLB's rather than tackling it on a national scale. If BASC oppose training courses being implemented by the FLB's why are so many FLB'S across the country still doing this, with...
  4. BASC Training

    David, can you guarantee that BASC would oppose any attempts by FLB's to make these training courses or ANY other courses a pre requisite to licensing? The DCS1 was never brought out as a pre requisite, but most certainly is now in most area's.and BASC has watched this occur and not batted an...
  5. Fox minimum calibre

    Like I said I thought several very good answers had already been given.
  6. Fox minimum calibre

    Sorry JayB, I had only just read the thread. Did not realise I had to put in an immediate response. Will refrain from doing so in future, sorry once again :oops:
  7. Fox minimum calibre

    Jees, four pages of responses and squabbles. to what was a very simple question, with a pretty straight forward answer. The mind boggles :shock:
  8. Gross negligence!!!

    Certainly been there and done that 6.5, but I would have thought the shop in question would have had a system in place for checking stuff upon arrival. Not just stick it on the shelf, in the same condition as it came in. Take the bolt out and the round would have dropped out of course...
  9. Gross negligence!!!

    Shudder to think what could have happened had this situation gone to the extreme Same old mistakes every time though is it not, I mean what could be easier than 1. Bolt back 2.Mag out 3 Check chamber. Even the police can't seem to count to three these days. Officer shot himself...
  10. So what happened?

    6.5 I had nothing to do with the banning of BobT, that was a decision made by this Admin, drawn from their own conclusions, and from responses received or not received. BobT is not a member on my site and I was unable to help vindicate him or indite him, for want of better words. The...
  11. So what happened?

    Bob, I am sure that Admin will reinstate your rightful position. Just give them time to sort it out.
  12. Gross negligence!!!

    Maybe the shops should remove the bolts on rifles as soon as they come in. These bolts could then be stored separately until a serious enquiry was made about that rifle. The bolt could then be replaced for the duration of the inspection.
  13. So what happened?

    You are being picky GrantOliver. Keep going mate, you will have another meltdown on your hands, Maybe you should ask Malcolm to make you a MOD for a while, see how you get on, See if you can further propagate the site for him. How about Grant as a Mod Malc? do you think he might be ok, he...
  14. So what happened?

    Name hijacking is yet another problem, we have to deal with Dave. Had I not banned 300WSM then this 300WSM would be in exactly the same position now as BobT, trying to vindicate himself I am sure you can remember the "sunshade" incident on CFUK I think you had a little chat with him., He...
  15. So what happened?

    I had a Troll on my site called 300WSM, It was Harry using your name, I banned him You were never accused or even contacted. Like I said, please let the Mods get on with their jobs.
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