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  1. Fishing Scotland's lochs and rivers.

  2. The In’s & Out’s of Stalking with a true professional

    Awesome buck well done!!
  3. For Sale: Sprocker pups

    Forgiveness is easier gotten than permission
  4. Stalking Directory shop, T shirts, car stickers etc members views please.

    Someone has probably mentioned it, but hoodies would be good. I’m sure a lot of us use them on a daily basis
  5. Has anyone been stalking with. Deerhuntingscotland?

  6. Landrover problem

    Turbo or fuel pump
  7. BASC to challenge Wild Justice action

    PMA, it’s why we should all support our shooting organisations, whether we agree with everything they say or do. They have to be challenged, no way round it and so far our organisations have been relatively successful. They will soon run out of things to attack. It’s a long game im afraid
  8. BASC to challenge Wild Justice action

    It’ll stop when someone runs out of money
  9. Kennel heater

    I was using beddex and had no issues. Square cut dust extracted cardboard. I found it insulated them and was absorbent too and easy to clean out.
  10. SD constantly behind my pages?

    So what’s the problem??
  11. Wanted: URGENT REQUEST ########## (NOW SORTED-THANKS)

    Awesome!!!! Fair play you persisted!!
  12. Need advice from the 'green fingered' please.

    Orchid roots need daylight so if you do have to re-pot in the future use a clear one
  13. Did Raheem Sterling dive?

    More like a loss of balance?? Perhaps caused by a momentary spell of dizziness??
  14. Wanted: Looking for a cocker (Deer dog) any coming up for sale.

    Don’t see a cocker sitting under a high seat for long!! Or sitting in general for long 😂😂
  15. Best fox bait

    I go sea fishing once a year. All guts off cuts heads tails etc I put in plastic tubs. I sometimes throw in eggs, cooking oil, rabbit guts etc and leave it to cook. It soon goes to liquid form and old foxy finds it irresistible. Use gloves when handling tho
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