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  • Hello Charlie -- That was one of the nicest presents I've ever had. I was speechless and quite a bit emotional when your gift arrived today ( but keep that to yourself thanks !!) Splendid work, absolutely lovely - - it will have pride of place on my desk and maybe even in my kilt sock on occasion. - - if this is you beginning this hobby, what are you going to produce later on ?
    I am really chuffed and look forward to seeing you whenever suits.

    Kindest regards

    Hi.. good,well done. Kintyre should see you fit!. I got 308 approved and bought one from Borders Guns in St. Boswells. Got a Tikka 590 and zeroed it yesterday. It's seen some use but shoots fine. Also got jet-z mod.
    I got a syndicate place in Campsie's,seems has resident Roe and transient Red and Sika so looking forward to that.
    Looks like March / April is the time syndicate places often come up. Let me know how you get on and I'll do same.
    All the best.
    fao has approved my 308 ( i hear, he told chris from south ayrshire deerstalking ) also got a syndicate place in kintyre for red roe and sika at last so finally moving forward , hows things going with you?
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