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  1. Is a VPN useful?

    A VPN is useful if you want to keep your location and IP address more discreet. A decent VPN like Tunnel Bear does not record data like your browsing history as part of their procedures. In this age of big data that may have some advantage to you as a private individual.

    Thanks for a great site which cannot be easy to manage at times with all the ‘characters’ 😬😬 on here. It has been a strange year, tragic and scary for some, frustrating for others. But let’s hope the new year brings safety and freedom with vaccines. Maybe a bit of work to get there yet though...
  3. Introduction from Iceland

    Hello there Hjolli69 from Aberdeenshire in Scotland. Also another M18 user. Hopefully you will get over here soon. Iceland is a place I would love to visit someday
  4. Roe fillet

    I’m with you. The fillets are inside the rib cage and on a Roe are not usually very large. I rarely every bother to try cut them out. The Loin or Backstrap are the long cuts either side of the spine and are also immense.
  5. Uproar a heard of roe deer shot!

    Had 11 Roe out in one of the rape fields I have permissions on in February this year. Do see them congregating in larger numbers in winter
  6. What’s the WORST 4x4 you’ve owned?

    Short wheelbase Series 3 Land Rover which wouldn’t do over 50 mph. It was that noisy my mates dog refused to get in back and had to be lifted in. It went when I got up one morning and found the petrol tank had corroded through and dumped the lot.
  7. New member intro

    Hi Jaime and welcome from Aberdeenshire. McLeod’s will get you sorted
  8. A common interest :- Intro

    Hi Andy from Aberdeenshire. Plenty of views on here regarding your questions although putting them in the intro might get them a bit lost. Try using the search to see what’s been said already about these as calibre choice and lead free for a 243 have been discussed a lot previously. Good luck...
  9. Javalin carbon bi pod

    I bought the medium length to replace my Harris as I was fed up with the weight and not needing when on high seat etc. The Spartan is more versatile but is not as secure a rest as the Harris. If you are in amongst heather and long grass then you would be better with the long one. It’s simple to...
  10. Deerhunter Muflon Light Jacket

    I have one that I bought earlier in the year. Good jacket and you just need to wear a single layer underneath if you find it warm. For the price versus some other it’s decent
  11. Spotting shot deer with thermal

    I have used the thermal to find a number of Roe especially at last light in a stubble field or in other areas where you can get a decent line of sight. If the ground is rough such as a previously cut plantation then it can be difficult to spot as you almost need to be on top. If it goes into a...
  12. Introductions

    Hi Ryser101 Welcoming from Aberdeenshire and maybe I know of your recently retired father in law ! Plenty of people on this forum to give you advice on old stuff for sure. Cheers
  13. First Ever Stalk

    Well done Colin getting out and trying. Perhaps some mistakes made but that’s the way to learn. You saw deer and tried to get on them. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. Cheers
  14. Close quarters

    Keeper of the estate had suggested a route that I could take to get me behind an area where I had previously shot a buck. It depended on wind direction and a North West seemed to be good for the Roe to come out into at this location. So on Thursday I headed out and parked on the South side of...
  15. Shooting gloves

    Sealskinz are decent