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  1. 7X66 Real World Experience

    When I was on the West, my boss had the Mauser 66 in Vom Hofe 7x66 SE as his rifle. The push through safety could be a bit sticky and it was fitted with a double set trigger, which isn't my thing. The rifle only held three below the telescopic two stage bolt. Iain Milne, of Gray & Co in...
  2. Sold: GWP x Labrador Pups

    The bitch for this litter is about 24 inches to the shoulder, the dog about the same size. They're great all-rounders, this pair both do just deer work but I know one of the bitch's sisters works on an estate in Morayshire doing deer and birds and she's lovely and steady.
  3. Sold: GWP x Labrador Pups

    Update: Black and white bitch and black and blue dog are now away. Three black dogs and one black bitch remaining.
  4. Sold: GWP x Labrador Pups

    German Wirehaired Pointer x Labrador pups available from 12th of February. 6 gone, 5 remaining: One black and white bitch One black and blue ticked dog Three black dogs (one all black, one with tiny white fleck on his chest, one with little white line on his chest) Both dam and sire are GWP x...
  5. Sold: Blaser R8 Standard .270 Win Barrel and Mod Price Drop £475

    Hello Just wondering if you have sold this? Regards Robbie
  6. Sold: Hawke Vantage 24-72x70 spotting Scope

    IIs this scope still for sale?
  7. Red deer grandels

    Used to get £6 a set in the 70's.....I know lot's of older stalkers with jars of them. That would be about £35 a set in today's money, and venison was a £1.00/Lb. £9.60/Kg if the price had risen with inflation
  8. The constant moaning (dealer prices)

    A version of this was tried back in the early 80's. It was called the Highland Venison Group, based in Grantown-on-Spey, and was managed by a very innovative manager/butcher called Kerry Keysell. It was an estate owners Co-op and went bankrupt after a few years. It was bought over several...
  9. Vacancy: Trainee keeper opportunity

    Contact Bambislayer on this forum. He is connected to the Game and Wildlife Dept of the North Highland College UHI HNC Gamekeeping with Wildlife Management
  10. Traditional stalking crook/walking stick

    Try Lonie MacKintosh, he's a stick carver from Brora in Sutherland. I'm sure he would supply to your spec, he's madw a few for me in tup horn and buffalo. DM for his contact number
  11. Islay stalking?

    Think about the short ferry to Jura from Port Askaig as well, there's one or two stags on that island and I know a few people who've had a "day pass"
  12. Tikka t3x fluted

    RMacleod - The Scottish Firearms and Optical Dealer
  13. Roe Deer - Winter Feeding

    In essence, don't. If you have a budget in mind then think of ways that you can improve habitat. Then let the deer feed themselves. You might find the following paper from the Eurodeer (EURODEER | ) project interesting. Ossi F. et al (January 2017) Plastic response by a small cervid to...
  14. Available: Heather Trust Auction

    Thought some of the lots might be of interest to members. Country Market Sporting Sale 2017 Robbie