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  1. For Sale: Painting of a Red stag

    Hi Guys my wife has been paining for a fair few years with a nice following and she has been commissioned to paint a roaring stag for a friend of mine. The painting is 32x40 inches and as you can see it is a lovely piece. Unfortunately the buyer in question due to radical change in circumstances...
  2. National Disgrace.........

    Unfortunately i can not help feeling sorry for the police ... i know its a repeated statement but no power to do things :( ... get few PC on a horse out with a baton a few exemplary whack and the 'wet whipes' disappear ... if they know that there is nothing the police can or would do and there...
  3. EU Firearms Pass, Post EU Exit

    Well estate rifle it is then wherever I go :(
  4. Sold: Akah Roe sack for sale.

    suddenly? ..... 23rd of September ........ good luck with the sale ....
  5. Sold: Akah Roe sack for sale.

    I got a PM form him at 3.23 this morning (after PM ing him on the 23/09) saying it is still for sale if i wanted it .... so who has first dibs or what's going on ? So i think the seller needs to get his act together i am out.
  6. Vacancy: Deer Park and General Estate Worker Milnthorpe, Cumbria

    @VSS best of luck to her and I hope the estate realises that a Covid delayed driving license is just a technicality. They may Also realise form the iPlayer clip that she Is not only a young upcoming employee but a fantastic ambassador for our way of life. Fingers crossed
  7. Tikka 223 20inch 1 in 12

    I use factory ammo Sako Gamehead 55gr 1/4MOA accuracy at 100 yards if helps
  8. Stalking cancelled, sob!

    Ask around here if anyone would buy and collect the venison from you there ... someone might do just a suggestion worth asking or the stalker can recommend a local pub ?
  9. Sold: Hawke fastmount 3 - 12 x 50 £68 IR

    @bobjs this might be what you are after Sir
  10. Sold: Mark I Monarch "Ghillie" Roe Sack 2nd Hand - 1 Only!

    Bump from me Rob this is the best roe sack money can buy ... mine had over 50 deer in it now (not all at once) and over the years it never had any problem. Perfect for a days gear with the pockets ... if they would not be bomb proof I d get myself this as a second sack :)
  11. Vortex furys

    i have the 5000 and i usually range things: cattle, deer, sheep ... freekig dumbass 'i have the right to room' cockwombles aroudn 1500 yards ... last winter when it was a nice sunny day with snow i ranged a mountain top (snow is very reflective) at 4750 yards and i was well imrpessed. Buildings...
  12. Rabbits

    Just shoot the lot and 'clear the land' to keep the owner happy. Don't worry they will be back next year .. they got there somehow in the first place :)
  13. What's your poison?

    I can’t remember what it ended with but I know I started on Brewdog dead pony club and a dram of abolour 12 .... and now my head hurts :(
  14. Donating venison to food banks?

    During lockdown we have deliberately shot a buck on our own land to be worked up turned it into sausages and donated it to the local old folks home and to some of our elderly neighbors (i always look after them). The place shall not be named but the head of the home said it is extremely kind...
  15. For Sale: Hilux Mk7 3.0L

    Thank you so much I am on them :) good luck with the Car sale lovely motor