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  1. Binoculars - any suggestions of mid-range brands?

    These would be a very good buy, They are...
  2. Off road tyres

    BF goodrich AT's get my vote as well. A good tyre on and off the road. R.H.
  3. Securing a Free Standing High Seat?

    I usually fasten them to the tree with a ratchet strap. Then use a length of chain in a decent thickness with an armoured padlock to lock the seat to the tree. It's not totally thief proof but it provides a good bit of an obstacle to anyone trying to take it, and it doesn't cost that much to...
  4. Roe Trophy ( over £700 )

    I know a french man who will fly over in his private jet at the drop of a hat and pay £3000 if I have a peruke for him to shoot!!! R.H.
  5. Applying for a centerfire for recreational staling.

    Have a look at section 13.10 of the home office guidelines. This is what your FLO should be going by so don't be afraid to mention them to him. All you require is a booking through a guide, you don't need any of your own land. R.H.
  6. s&b scopes

    The big difference between the two manufacturing plants is the Germans have a workers union that demand a minimum 7% pay rise per year and they get 10 days extra holiday. Buy German so their workers can go on a summer holiday each year! :roll: The scope components and glass are identicle...
  7. High Seat Cushion

    I build in a layer of sleeping bag underlay into the seats of all my highseats, the stuff that reflects your bodyheat. It's cheap, warm as toast and easy to get from any good camping store. R.H.
  8. s&b scopes

    I'll second that vote for Macleods. I've done lots of business with them in the past and they are a very well stocked shop for stalking equipment. R.H.
  9. Avrage body weight?

    The Roe deer I shoot in Fife have the very best of feeding and most are on Carrots, Turnips, unharvested cerials strips, and gamecrops so manage to get a good bodyweight. Good spring shot bucks regularly reach 18-19kg with feet and head off, this is on the scales at Highland Game in Dundee...
  10. Carcass trays?

    I have several of the above trays I bought off Ebay,
  11. Help with Scotland visit.

    The view from Cadha Mor above Easter Fearn on the south side of the Dornoch Firth is very nice! It's only a couple of miles off your route over the Dornoch Bridge so well worth a look on the way past. R.H.
  12. Help please

    The standard forestry fee is usually £2 and acre for an exclusive lease, some pay a lot more, some pay less. If it works out at £100 per beast, regardless of species or sex, then you've got it for what appears to be the average figure for a forestry lease. R.H.
  13. Clean antlers

    Last year I saw a fully clean buck in mid February on my patch in Central Fife. He wasn't long clean but It's certainly the earliest I've ever seen one before. R.H.
  14. Cheap spoting scope.

    A spotting scope is a handy tool in the springtime in my area when I'm out after Roe Bucks. You can have a good look at a beast away across a 50 acre field and see if he's a likely candidate! I've got a 30x60 Optolyth rubber armoured drawtube style scope in a leather case, second hand off...
  15. Knives

    I've got a big selection of knives and a few of these weren't cheap! But my favourite and most used is a frost Mora, cost less than a tenner! R.H.