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  1. Roedinator RIP my friend

    For those wishing to attend dad's funeral.
  2. Roedinator RIP my friend

    Mum, jake and myself (Charlotte Pete's daughter) are extremely overwhelmed with all the comments about dad, we know from everyone's messages of condolences the shooting world has lost a top shot and won't be forgotten. Dad has been taken from us way too soon and this is what we are finding so...
  3. Aigle Parcour ISO 2 - Any Good ???

    Fantastic boots warm comfortable regards pete
  4. Would you take the shot

    Yes I would take the shot with my 30 06 also have a gwp if follow up needed tim only one so far mentioned about the follow up just look at the background it looks black as your hat under that canopy of trees more to think of than just the distance !! also the outcome if the shot goes tits up...
  5. 7mm 08 : Preferred Ammunitiion

    A good starting point would be the federal fusions had very good results with these regards pete
  6. The ultimate deer caliber ??????

    overkill :D regards pete
  7. The ultimate deer caliber ??????

    A switch barrel in 243 and 30.06 preferably a Blaser :-D covers everything here and Abroad job done regards pete
  8. New Deer Tower

    Fantastic looking seat I will be building one in the near future would you share dimensions please regards pete
  9. .204 vs .220

    As above seriously great fox round sieara 39 grain blitz king 3750 fps accounted for 7 foxes fri night for 7 shots regards pete
  10. All Six

    Done all six myself not within a year got to savour the moment and enjoy !! regards pete
  11. Packham needs sectioning ....

    Malc A very well put post A young girl 17 died only this week after a long fight against this terrible disease not far from us i wonder if that idiot would say the same if had been his child !! Regards pete
  12. The one buck of this season

    Dom a great result very pleasing having a patch on your doorstep that you can manage regards pete
  13. RCBS Chargemaster

    + 1 regards pete
  14. Discreet growth in popularity of the 16 bore?

    very nice but minds made up 30 inch barrels with single trigger and preferably Churchill rib regards pete
  15. Discreet growth in popularity of the 16 bore?

    Just a couple but a nice 16 is the latest itch that needs scratching !! regards pete
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