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  1. Sold: Agile Parcours ISO full zip wellingtons neoprene lined.Size 43.

    Worn half a dozen times. Excellent condition almost as new. £110 delivered UK mainland excluding Highlands. Any questions please ask.
  2. For Sale: Arxus Primo Nord Zip Wellington Boot All Sizes Available

    Arrived today thanks Mark. Delighted with quality and fit. Excellent service from you too. Thank you Regards, Rupert
  3. Hornady oal gauge

    I use one, but only when I change rifle or bullet. If you are nearby then I could lend you mine. I'm in Somerset.
  4. Remember - Wanted - Cheap or free 243 must be accurate.

    Such a shame really. I had a similar (but much more minor) experience; I offered free bullets and posted them to a deserving member. Not so much as a thank you.... Really annoyed me. Manners cost nothing. R
  5. For Sale: Arxus Primo Nord Zip Wellington Boot All Sizes Available

    Do you have these in a UK size 9 please?
  6. For Sale: meopta r1 7x56

    Could you please send some photos? Thanks, Rupert
  7. Rabbit numbers in your area?

    Very few these days in my part of Somerset. Very sad. I bet it's 2 years ago that I last shot one. A few years ago I'd see probably 30 or so each time I ventured out. Now it's literally 1 or 2 if I'm lucky, so I'm leaving them alone for the moment.
  8. Chameau Chasseur Leather-lined yes/no?

    I had a pair a few years ago, and found the Zips lasted only a couple of years. The rubber perished soon after. However, I took the plunge a while ago and bought a pair of leather lined Arxus boots. I love them. Very comfy and well made.mill stick with Arxus, and maybe buy a pair of neoprene...
  9. Sold: RCBS 22-250 die set

    Excellent condition. Decapping / FL resizer and bullet seating dies. £30 inc delivery UK mainland.
  10. Newbie Somerset

    Welcome, I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do. Some really great people on here. Regards, Rupert
  11. Browning

    I had a lovely grade 3 B425 which I loved, and shot well with. I changed a couple of years ago to a B525 principally because I wanted to move to 3" cartridges for ducks. I find the 525 slightly lighter, but I feel they both fitted me the same and I shoot well with both. I'd say the quality is...
  12. Sold: BSA Cadet .177

    I wonder if this is the same rifle that I learnt to shoot with. I was probably 10 (I'm now in my 50's), and the BSA Cadet was my fathers 12th birthday present (so dates from 1945!). Sorry to ramble, but these rifles will be forever in my heart. Good luck with your sale Tam.
  13. Wanted: 243 modified case

    Ed at Edinburgh Rifles will tap one for you.
  14. This came yesterday

    Well done. Excellent achievement