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  • Hi Dave Hope to see you there,trying to get bill to come with me,i will have the usual roe buck for raffle and will be showing a roaring stag,35 stoner 15 pointer on display,hope to see your latest gold 700 g one,and what ever else you get,
    Hows it going dave,r u getting some more good bucks,will u b going to scone,i will b in the gwcts main tent if u r,seems to b 2 cold for the bucks up here,fed up going out to catch a chill,
    Hi dave i know what you mean,but its the law of average for all that kind of stuff,i like the jokes and do some good comunications for biz,just got a gold into do the other day,a big thick thumper,should have it together next week,if you email me your adress i will send photos,r u getting a buck or two,?i will have a look soon,

    cheers rob
    Hi Dave sorry about the mistake,Billy said you got a big stag but i never saw the picts,send some through.wasnt out much after stags as there is not to many about,snow killed them all.i corrected the wording on my site,how put u onto the directory? bill.
    It good for an argument and to rattle some cages he he,have u been shooting some roe lately.

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