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  1. Quite a head!

    Empty heads and all that!
  2. Quite a head!

    What,as opposed to a dog or a sheep? Oh my,hating on avatars now is low,but sounds like you can go lower yet.
  3. Deer poaching court case

    Pathetic. In this day and age what kind of message does that send out?
  4. Feeding deer ?

    Have fed certain parts ever since the bad winters of 10ish years ago. Used to do it when the the weather was a wee bit harsh but thats rarely now so just fill some feeders now and again and they are all used. A mix of bruised barley,rolled maize and some bean meal through it. As already...
  5. Insurance FAC and permission

    Thats how most logical folk see it and are correct. Those that dont after all this explaining are past help and never will see it.
  6. Quite a head!

    Absolutely not in any shape or form. Probably one of the worst analogies ive seen to be honest. To compare someone buying a deer mount to put up in a hotel or on your wall as a decorative piece to someone buying someone else's wedding pics and putting them on their wall is extremely weird.
  7. Quite a head!

    Probably the same way people buy other peoples paintings. Something interesting to look at.
  8. Dead deer at roadside

    Fallacy that has grown arms and legs for some reason.
  9. Fox decline

    Have shot foxes for 30+ years using every stage of advancements as they come and numbers are still what they were here. If someone seriously thinks there will soon be no more foxes in their area have not a single clue about fox movements and habits.
  10. Facebook bullshiite foxing.

    Just like any other social media including forums like this there will be plenty of variation in what's acceptable from person to person,including abilities. Not sure how they would be the laughing stock of the keepering community though,there's plenty of them as full of too.
  11. Vanishing Ducks

    Too much water everywhere,they love a wee splash in the stibble. Least mallard i can ever remember using mine although loads of teal.
  12. Outbreaks of African Swine Fever in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Serbia - DEFRA APHA update.

    Presuming its the same as in Latvia. Spoke to a Latvian today and they have resumed shooting boar and they are awaiting results back from testing but they are expecting it to be good news.
  13. What do I do with it now?

    If you are wondering why you bothered then its obviously not something you should do again. I suppose the writing was on the wall with your words,"my house has to remain a trophy free zone".
  14. .243 vs 6.5 dilemma

    Had a 75 that loved eating 100gr for roughly 10 years.