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  1. Deer winch for reds in woodland with no vehicular access

    Depends on what your winch manufacturer recommends The pcw3000 for example recommend min 10mm I tried lower but a pain in the ar5e .... wrapping under itself on the capstan winch etc and also not as comfortable In the hand as 10mm Obviously get better with practice too I would stick to...
  2. For Sale: IRlightbuilds T74 torch with IR & additional pills

    Cg70 & additional pill now SOLD Still for sale 2x t74 torch each has IR pill £40 each posted Or £60 for both posted Paul
  3. Lidl wire rope 240v winch £60

    Mines now up Paul
  4. Lidl wire rope 240v winch £60

    As I stated on original post 125kg max single fall & 250kg on double wire with included pulley That’s going to handle pretty much most of what get here in UK .... but only as good as what your mounting it too Paul
  5. BBC wasting money on Greta.

    I agree I’ve seen no bullying ( so far ) on here I will say though, bullying doesn’t just happen physically ...... kids have committed suicide through mental anguish and torture after being subjected too day in day out . Doesn’t just mean a fist fight and problems dealt with Paul
  6. BBC wasting money on Greta.

    Her folks and handlers should be jailed for child exploitation....& they have totally f&@ked her future up ..... Next she will copresenting alongside bloody Chwis next ! Paul
  7. Import of meat

    Still happens every day ... dishonesty Recent tests on supermarket meat showed 20% dna tests came back as “ inconclusive “[emoji848] Last one I heard was fast food joints passing off beef as lamb ..... Sheep rustling back with a vengeance ..... The back door meat industry is alive and...
  8. For Sale: IRlightbuilds T74 torch with IR & additional pills

    For hornet ( and anyone else) This is beam at 400yds up to wood line end of field And this pointing up into air..... sorry maybe just give idea Paul
  9. For Sale: IRlightbuilds T74 torch with IR & additional pills

    Honestly not sure .... the fields on my permission are 400 yds and it lights up trees at 400yds easily .... the beam projects the square of the pill on the trees... I’ll nip out this evening try and see if can assess how far it goes Paul
  10. For Sale: IRlightbuilds T74 torch with IR & additional pills

    Hi folk Clearing out torch box Have two Ian Sirrel irlightbuilds T74 torches here Both have IR pill and there is Additional 1x white pill 1x red pill Looking for £45 posted for 1x t74 with IR & additional pill Or £75 posted for Both and all pills Also ... an IRlightbuilds Ian Sirrel...
  11. Phillip Scofields comes out

    Aaaah but she did say yes “ remember the £4K Russel Gall custom rifle?” Aaahhhha!!! I do but I didn’t lie ! I told you bout that one ! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Paul
  12. Phillip Scofields comes out

  13. Pangolins

    F8ck off with attacking bloody noodles! Nowt wrong with noodles
  14. electric cars,,,,

    So You swap your an EV In real life terms what’s it going to cost to charge the thing every night? How much is your electricity bill going to go up by?