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  1. For Sale: Meopta Meostar R1r 3-12x56 RD

    ThTs a bargain and anyone buying that scope wouldn’t regret it ! Love mine Paul
  2. Wanted: Wanted Vorn Fox or Lynx

    On Edinburgh rifles Facebook page Used but lightly / good condition
  3. Where is it not legal to carry a folding knife ?

    Heart shot roe in knee high grass in heart Claret everywhere ! Dragged roe out to nester area to grslloch .... knees down absolutely blootered in blood .... malxwall on here took the shot .308 with 165 gamekings and a fist size hole ... never seen blood flow out like that before ... And...
  4. Where is it not legal to carry a folding knife ?

    Just note to remember The “ black guy in a hoodie” Could quite easily be a white guy or an Asian guy or an middle eastern guy or girl or f@&King whatever apparently these days And your guy on his way home from an evening stalk could easily be just let’s say non white eh? And a perfectly...
  5. Where is it not legal to carry a folding knife ?

    I drive 15 miles to next town with a katana where I PRS rice traditional jujitsu ... I have a “license “ Booklet showing grade and membership of amateur martial arts association... I’d hope if stopped that would define “ good reason “ [emoji848] Paul
  6. Is this the lowest venison prices ??

    Pointy thing ? Oh the “head” [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Paul
  7. Bright enough to read a newspaper..

    19 bunnies is a fine amount to debone and mince up with some mid-shape bacon packs or pork belly say 70/30 bunnies to fat mix... Throw in a bunch of seasoning 5% of meat weight and could have yourself some belting bunnie burgers [emoji122][emoji122] Paul
  8. Wanted: Dog box

    Try this on eBay .... lab and cocker in mine room for a medium 3rd dog ... bungees into bed of pick up .... easy removed if I’m wanting to load something bigger ... also found waterproof cushion for it hoses down...
  9. Bright enough to read a newspaper..

    As said can’t shoot em in house If bright like that I prefer to hunker up in hedge or Similar and wait rather than walk and stalk ... Helps if you have bait station in front of you for such occasions ... Have shot them in broad daylight / summers evening so for me no such thing as too bright...
  10. Rates of pay

    High seats, deer leaps, larder refurb And that qualifies as “ guest speaker”? Seriously ?[emoji848] They are taking the pi55 ! Anything happens ..... it will all be on you and your ar5e hanging in the wind ..... Really worth the hassle ? Helping is one thing.... getting pi55 ripped out...
  11. Leica Geovid - older model?

    The sig binos glass to me was up there ! But the nice size and the lightness compared to my older geovids was marked difference Couple in you have scan facility on sig hold the button and move and range changes accordingly Add in the Ballistics stuff if doing LR and applicable to you it’s a...
  12. Leica Geovid - older model?

    Have a pair of Leica geovids 8x42 Great binos great range finder bit heavier I certainly wouldn’t want x56 ones! Recently got a look thru the Sig Sauer 8x42 RF bins and wow! Scan facility if hold the button, full ballistics included if In to Long range... and how fleet / light they were...
  13. Suzuki jimny thoughts?

    Jimnys brilliant motor very capable but bloody small and limiting .... throw in 28-30mpg I’m told reliably by pal who had one and you be as well get a pick up .... More room Separate load bed for dirty dogs Etc Can take more deer ( definite plus) Can take a mate and his kit My 08 plate 2.5td...
  14. Bergara rifles?

    Just bought a left hand b14 hmr in .308 I could specify 24” barrel I got left hand action I got ambidextrous adjustable stock I didn’t have to wait months for what I wanted Price was good Rifle feels great , haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet as away with work Ticks all boxes and...
  15. Big game hunting - marmite

    What’s the difference please between captive bred hunting & canned hunting ? Paul