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  1. For Sale: Butchery Equipment

    Hi Monies was sent on 26th as per my PM No reply ... have you received can you update ? Paul
  2. Rabbit not deer but still butchery

    Thanks sandy dog
  3. Rabbit not deer but still butchery

    I’d like to try them chilli burgers ! I found a supplier for commercial freezers and have a big “ farm foods job “ and a smaller chest freezer for dog food ( raw) Slowly built up kit bit by bit over years or upgraded cheapo stuff for bit better as time went on .... stainless tablets were...
  4. Rabbit not deer but still butchery

    Aye they make really good burgers when mixed with some of those misshapen bacon packs or pork belly if you want to spend bit more .... Likes of Scobies direct or tong master do sell compete mixes but I like experimenting making my own ... Be surprised how far say a dozen good rabbits deboned...
  5. Rabbit not deer but still butchery

    I have a big buffalo mincer that’s very quiet and I believe no12 in size But they were £350 cheapest I’ve seen Normally dearer I also have a lnox no8 full stainless steel head mincer from Weschenfelder and they are great ... noisy compared to buffalo but around £280 I think Weschenfelder...
  6. Rabbit not deer but still butchery

    Burger press is a Sirman copy , sirman usually around £240 mark ish Mine was eBay and around £140 and the gubbins / inner ratchet are still metal unlike cheaper copies Think mine says “ Royal Dutch” in blue on the side Paul
  7. First crack at venison sausages

    Think what charcuterie boys call it is the “Primary bind “ Mix and mix till stuff really is like **** on a blanket and sticks to everything ! Put it hack thru the mincer again once mixed ... And keep meat and mincing head as cold as you can get it ... Now my issue isn’t flavour or texture...
  8. Larsen Traps

    The two I removed from farm are now in my garden but no luck so far
  9. Larsen Traps

    I had two traps out 2 decoy birds but week leading up to the ban some f0ckwit had released both my decoy birds !... Morning after the lockdown announced I went out and retrieved traps in. Paul
  10. Fuel price = how low ?

    The fuel in supermarkets is same grade / octane as in branded stations ... Comes from the same refineries Only difference is what the branded companies add to it Paul
  11. In the interests of whom?

    I worked saudi for 5 yrs I have colleague stuck there now as we speak Paul
  12. In the interests of whom?

    1. China will have lied ... no doubt 2. Government state .... tell individuals to stay in ... they will stay in or fear the consequences / disappear 3 .... Western Europe .... stay in ... aye ok out having bbq and filling car parks on country parks and mass movement despite rules...= virus...
  13. Fuel price = how low ?

    Yeah There are those who are looking after more vulnerable And The essential shopping trip Even then it’s not going to be near what most folk are used to doing. And if your sticking to scientific government advice and Staying at home .... then most of us will be using far less than...
  14. Fuel price = how low ?

    Does it really matter whit how little we driving at moment ? Can’t exactly take advantage of it Paul
  15. What is your favourite quotation?

    General Custer - “ what f’ckin Indians?”