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  • Hi Scotspine, Sorry but I dont know how else to get in touch. You will remember meeting me in my forest the other week. Well to cut a long story short I have been unable to get Dave Robertson of Scottish woodlands who is acting as my agent to communicate at all. Despite several phonecalls and e-mails he just wont answer and I am now in a bit of a panic. I am on the point of sacking him as I feel extremly let down as I am now out of pocket massivly and seem to be no nearer an agreement with S&S. Question- Would you be prepared to take on the task he was asked to do for me? I understand if you dont but you did say when we met is was a pity us and Mauld couldnt show a united front. I can be contacted at 01456476729 or 07854097214 Thank you David
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