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  1. Reload Swiss 62/.264 Winmag

    Thanks for the comments... I have solved the problem by purchasing 5 tubs of H4831! However I will take advantage of Davee's kind offer re QL as I will still need to use RS62 at some point when the 4831 runs out. Davee, I'll pm details to you this evening. Regards
  2. Reload Swiss 62/.264 Winmag

    I'm converting to Reload Swiss 62 for both my 6.5x55 and .264 winmag. I'm sorted re the 6.5x55 so now need to start on the .264. Does anyone have a start load for either 129g or 140g bullets? Thanks
  3. For Sale: Schmidt & Bender, 10 x 42 German Klassik.

    Very clean condition. Would you like a few close up pics?
  4. For Sale: Schmidt & Bender 10 x 42 PM II

    Schmidt & Bender 10 x 42 PM II, 1cm clicks 30mm tube, Bryant reticule. Slight marks from mounts on rear of tube (see pic). Lenses in perfect condition. NOTE - QR Mounts in picture are not for sale, scope will come with Vortex flip caps. Price £700.0 posted
  5. For Sale: Schmidt & Bender, 10 x 42 German Klassik.

    Schmidt & Bender, 10 x 42 German Klassik. 30mm tube, A7 reticule. Scope and lenses in perfect condition. Comes with butler creek flip caps NOTE - QR Mounts and spirit level in picture are not included Price £430.0 posted
  6. For Sale: Night force NXS 5.5-22x56 NP 2 DD illuminated

    Night force NXS 5.5-22x56 NP 2 DD illuminated reticule with speed dial turrets. Non Zero stop model, 30mm tube, Scope and lenses in perfect condition. Complete with original Night force caps and box. NOTE - QR Mounts and torch attachment are not included. Price £1250.00 posted
  7. For Sale: Sako 7mm Rem Mag Finnlight fluted stainless barrel

    Sako 7mm Rem Mag Finnlight, 22inch, fluted, stainless barrel with ½ inch muzzle thread. Taken off a Sako Finnlight and replaced with a custom 6.5x68 Krieger. Gun bought second hand and was told it had seen little use by a foreign client. I estimate it as had less than 500 circa rounds. It shot...
  8. For Sale: T3 5 round magazine

  9. For Sale: T3 5 round magazine

    Used T3 5 round magazine. 6.5x55 £25 posted.
  10. Fencing contractors - Barrhill/Newton Stewart area

    I'm looking for a fencing contractor based in the Barrhill to Newton Stewart area. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  11. For Sale: Beretta shotgun chokes and key

    As per the attached photograph. Full - unused IM - used IC - used Key- used and note superficial rust spots. £40.00 posted
  12. Runaway Yamaha kodiak!

    Hi After a scary hill decent at the weekend I think it's time I got the quad's brakes fettled. Can anyone recommend a garage/mechanic in Inverness-shire or Aberdeenshire. I've got a 2004 Yamaha Kodiak. Thanks
  13. ATVs and Trailers

    Lambic I leave the mesh sides on all the time so the bigger trailer is ideal as I can squeeze down the side of the trailer even when the quad is loaded, so getting quad on/off a doddle. A P6 with mesh sides leaves no room for manoeuvre but no worries if you don't want to sides...
  14. ATVs and Trailers

    Lambic I have a Ifor P8 (8x4) with mesh sides. Room for old Yamaha Kodiak and hill trailer(stood on end) plus several Reds. Great trailer and very versitile. Smaller trailers with mess sides will be a sqeeze. Regards
  15. Temporary address

    Thanks I will email the police with address and dates and see what happens.