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  1. Available: Roe Buck Stalking - Pitlochry - May-August 2013

    Dates booking up for end of July/beginning of August. Some dates available between now and then. AW services available at no extra cost. Also worth mentioning that bed and breakfast is available on a local farm on the estate at £30 per person.
  2. Available: Roe Buck Stalking - Pitlochry - May-August 2013

    PMs replied. Few dates still available June and July.
  3. Available: Roe Buck Stalking - Pitlochry - May-August 2013

    Offering client stalking on a beautiful Perthshire estate. Stunning scenery and great experience guaranteed! £100 per outing (usually first light till lunch) - £50 per buck - no trophy fees Flexible dates as this is the first time opening up for clients this season, plenty of bucks to...
  4. Available: Roe Buck Stalking - Pitlochry - Saturday 20th April 2013

    Had someone cancel at the last minute. £75 outing fee, £50 per buck regardless of size, this price for this day only, first day of season. Can meet on Saturday morning from central belt and run to stalking ground if that suits. PM for more info.
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    Comment by 'ScottishDeer' in media 'Spotted mature buck'

    Saw a doe last year with white patches and this sort of marking. Cracking buck!
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    Comment by 'ScottishDeer' in media '022_-_Copy'

    Absolutely stunning!
  7. Available: Roe Buck Stalking - Pitlochry - Saturday 20th April 2013

    This is the first client day of the season. This is mainly for hill bucks out on the moorland but potentially lowland bucks as well, great experience and challenging stalking. The stalking is guided and aided using 4 x 4 and quad for better access. £100 for the outing (first light - lunchtime...
  8. If you could have just 1 Deer Calibre

    .270 everytime
  9. First Sika Stag

    Nice beast you have there. Hopefully more will follow!
  10. New boots, what to buy?

    Mendl douve extreme, excellent boot, no problems. The le chameau boots I find a little soft!
  11. Scotland dva

    Fair points, Never thought of it that way. Pitiliedon, I can't comment on how dcs used that data but agree it should be looked at area specific.
  12. Scotland dva

    Two DVAs are what are known about and what can be recorded. How many crashes are there where the car is wrapped around a tree in a rural road with no real explanation? Just because only 2 fatalities had deer found at the side of the road doesnt meaning there has only been 2 DVAs. Taken from...
  13. Westcountry Reds on a wallow

    Nice photographs, keep them coming.
  14. Meindl Dovre Extreme GTX

    Amazing boots, cant fault them. Dubbin regular seems to keep them in good shape. No problems with the Dovre leaking but have had problems with Glockner in the past.
  15. Define 'Cross-Contamination'????

    Agree with this post!