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    • Looking for a case for an optilyth 30x75 draw telescope. Thank you
    • Sea trout replied to the thread The Rut.
      I find the most reliable way to predict the rut is to book a July or August family holiday. The first day generally coincides with the...
    • Sea trout replied to the thread Deer Density.
      I looked for the article I looked for the letter but assume it only goes on line after the day of publication
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      Roe. Site 1: dense riverine woodland with horse paddocks. Midlothian. Density: 40+/km. Method: formal survey with camera traps, dung...
    • Fascinated to hear what density your deer are at per KM squared of woodland: 1. Species 2. Type of woodland 3. Geographical location...
    • Almost brand new, had one night out with it and then sat in my cabinet for about 11 months. Realistically, I am not that dedicated to...
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