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  1. Copper bullets again

    what bullet?
  2. A question about archery…

    i dont think there is any sensible reason to most of our laws regarding hunting, scottish roe deer are weak little things compared too our bullet proof english ones, fine to shoot ducks one side of the river on a sunday but not the other, foxes no protection to speak of badgers and otters untill...
  3. Thermal imager hunt and cull video, fair chase or not?

    i think thermals are sort of cheating, they make sporting easy. but you still have to get within a sensible distance. i once stalked a black birds nest on a fallen tree, i was sure it was a muntys head above the log
  4. Where are we at with lead free

    i sort of get your point but with so many people using non lead rifle ammo and getting good results, shot gun seems to be a different story if you want to stretch the distance. do you actually enjoy eating things that may contain lead? its not the same as smoking or drinking.
  5. Boiler?

    new green grant coming in april, if the same applies as we got last year half the price of install up to 5g covered plus we get £270 back a quarter for running it for 7 years. with our solar our costs after 7 years will be very low
  6. insurance claim for accidental shooting of horse or livestock

    change horse for child and see what the police think. in your scenario id think you should loose your ticket at the very least, clearly no safe backdrop or restricted field of view.
  7. Your favourite breakfast?

    liver onions and bacon with a splash of balsamic on toast, or roe and milts with butter lemon and parsley on toast
  8. Good on you Aussie!

    forget his lack of vaccine he lied, bye bye dont let the door hit you on your way out
  9. Trophy Import ban (continued)

    thanks alot
  10. Trophy Import ban (continued)

    any body know of a pre formated form that explains our point of view?
  11. Fox or Wolves 😂

    are there any wild boar in the area?
  12. Offal or Awful?

    on my list of things to make from a deer, having moth haggis and veggie one as cant find a haggis with out beef fat and sons allergic to beef
  13. Ah Novak some reckon you are telling porkies.

    the guy is a fool, a liar and doesnt care about others, the fact he can whack a ball is unimportant. i hope aus kicks him out
  14. Brattonsound Cabinet Lock

    id be finding my own locksmith to get in, then sell all of them and buy one your happy with