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  1. some fallow doe shooting

    haha i would agree lol we hadn't planned on using the 308 until we saw how far they were but that's hunting :thumb:
  2. Deer can be like buses...

    well u no the answer to that walk up there with your shotgun but have the 270 in your back pocket SURPRISE!!!!!! :thumb:
  3. some fallow doe shooting

    thank you for the kind comment.
  4. some fallow doe shooting

    the deer was shot from a standing position from sticks as shown in the video. not sure what makes u think it was shot from the ground.
  5. some fallow doe shooting

  6. 375 H&H mag cz 550 BUTT PAD

    Hi all looking for some help trying to find a good butt pad for this as it kicks like a mule:shock: any ideas of were to look for one that offers a good amount of padding or if any of u no of a good butt pad regards shippers
  7. cz 550 safari magnum stock stripped

    The butt pad was already abit messy when he got the rifle. I think it will be replaced. I believe it is going to be stained a grey colour of some sort he has done a few now and they always come up really good
  8. Why some deer stalkers are their own worst enemies!!!

    says u with a profile pic of a dead monkey looking down a gun lol:doh:
  9. cz 550 safari magnum stock stripped

    so my mate gave me his CZ 550 safari magnum to strip for him to pre-pair it for him to refinish it
  10. Early morning with the pup

    got home from a night shift and walk in the door decided to take holly for a Early walk got these nice pic when we was out she is now 13 weeks
  11. mod fail

    we have since found out it was not a blockage it was infact corroded after a close look we found a pitted area about an inch square with a very small hole about half way down the mod but also he had had the barrel chopped down recently and the pressure was to much and the mod failed.
  12. mod fail

    the mod is a sonic and we think it was down to corrosion
  13. mod fail

    so my mate was out with his 243 and when taking a shot this happened mod let go scary stuff
  14. my new hunting companion

    :rofl: you no it Danny boy
  15. my new hunting companion

    9 3xbitches and 6xdogs all were very healthy and looked after mum was doing an amazing job