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  • Hi SikaMalc, I'd be very interested in the DSC 1 opportunity you've posted yesterday. Best Dan
    well you need to pm me your full name address and phone number to be put in the draw.
    Will do just as soon as I figure out how to PM on this forum, thanks.
    Hi Malcolm,

    Looking for a contact to a red deer or sika syndicate, within 5 hours drive of London. Stalker wants to keep all or part of the carcass, may want to go 3 or 4 times a year. Has limited stalking experience and is just about to do his level 1.
    Big ask, but worth a try.


    hi malc would you no if any one as any hind stalking for 2 people for a long weekend the end of january
    No not off hand. However if you look in stalking available Jimmy has some dates on offer, and I here he is a good guy. Might be worth a try there.
    Hi Malc.

    Thankyou for your reply.

    It is so frustrating as the bent ****ers there seem to think they can do what they want when they want.

    again thanks for the reply.

    Hi Malc,

    I do respect your right to close thread's but I really do think your wrong to close the basc one.

    Everyone as the right to know how bent basc are , you had nothing to fear about litigation.

    A very dissapointed sd member.

    Hi Malcolm, Have you recieved the cheque of £50 as a deposit for stalking on your Sussex ground. I will not be able to stalk in Feb as I have mares to foal but perhaps you could let me have dates for March. Weekends are best for me but could organise a mid week with notice. Many thanks, Mark
    Good luck with going it alone, I took the plunge (all be in in a different line of work) a few months back and I must say the first step is the most difficult.
    I would be interested in what stalking opportunities you have or are planning for this year. Look forward to hearing from you.


    Please what ever you do stop the thread on hunting for everyones sake I know a lot more about this than most and if we ever meet face to face I will tell you why. As for now put a stop to it please

    A while ago I contacted you regarding the correct procedure for posting an advert on SD. I wanted to sell a few hunting knives that I do as a hobby. This is not my business. I was advised at the time that this would be ok. That whilst you would prefer that I registered as a trader, you wouldn't stop me from posting one or two adverts.

    I the contacted you just before my adverts were posted and was up front with you with regards to my intentions. I wanted to "test the waters" to see if anybody was interested. I will stress again, that the knife making is a hobby of mine and I do not have a registered business in trading in made knives.

    Since posting my adverts, I have not sold any knives via SD. This evening I received a private message from JB who was incredibly abrupt and rude saying quite simply, remove the advert or register as a trader.

    At no such time have I attempted to break any rules or do anything in a deceptive manner.
    Rgds Pete
    Malcom my name is Ian and i am a very good friend of David Quarrell (6pointer). I know he has upset you with the BMH stuff but i think it is time you let him back on. There was a real witch hunt against him by certain members. To name a few Frank CBS , Roger Norton , BUCK52 Billy Davies , and garry. The reason for this was a court case and a few other things. Now the court case is over and David won Roger was told to grow up and stop looking for cash and makeing things personel.
    So you see most of the people who wanted him off the site had a differnt motive than was given to you.
    Please send this to the other admin team.
    malc if you are still up for it,is it possible to set a date for my mate and i to deliver the sinks to you and try for a roe doe
    kind regards
    Hi Malcom

    Hope you got my message about wanting to go out with you for the roe buck stalking


    malcolm dont know if you got my messages about the sinks mate dont worry if you dont want them just let me know so some one else can have them
    many thanks
    Hi Malcolm

    I'm not making it public [obvious reasons, I get pulled into enough debates!!!!!!] , I've just taken on a new job with rspb "Uplands Advisory Officer" with one of my main areas being black grouse conservation, I have a file for the South Sutherland area croik, amat etc but have no contact details for Amat, would you be able to give me the owners details or alternatively pass mine on to them. There are no hidden agendas , I'm just trying to get known in the area and get a handle on bird distribution. If you have any observations for the area, I'd be keen to hear of them.
    Basically I'm trying to bridge some of the many gaps between the shooting / conservation groups and get some "real" conservation programmes of the ground, not big schemes but more or less formalising good work already done and getting people their due recognition.



    yes I have taken clients out for the last 25 years, mostly overseas clients and in particular americans. I have always charged for the whole week, to include all accommodation, food, wines, transport, licences, sightseeing, fuel, stalking and trophy fees. If they got lucky and shot a medal Fallow, Red, Sika or CWD I charged no extra.

    However with Roe the charge was to include up to a Bronze quality head, anything over that was extra.

    I have taken many out from the SD site, some charged for at £60 a stalk, no kill fee on doe's/hinds. During the Roe Buck season I charged £50 a stalk and a £25 kill fee for all cull bucks, however I allowed a guy to take a very old bronze head for the same charge last year.


    Malcom you take clients out stalking how would you decide which animal was a cull beast and which were chargeable. If an animal is a cull animal should it mater what it has on its head. eg if i had a gold and it was a cull it would not matter and it would still be a cull if i had a gold and i wanted it to stay around then it would not be a cull. Am i missing somthing here do you have a price list for your stalking i can read.
    Just visited Sunny days page, and saw you were already on to him. How long before we hear the fizz of powder in the pan again? To think you do this for fun! I think you need a bloody medal mate.

    Kind regards,

    P.S. I got the shirts printed up for Mikes Monmouth shoot. I took the liberty of getting a few extras, and would like to send one to you and perhaps J.B. to thank you both for your permission to use the S.D. Logo. Could I send yours to the museum? I got a nice small one for you, is that right? ;)
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