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  1. Scone Game Fair October.

    I will go if it’s on, cannot be any worse than walking round Aldi 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Sold: Blaser R93 Professional .308

    Best bargain on here for a while
  3. Sold: Guided Red Deer Stalking, NW Devon

    All irrelevant to the original post , this is cracking value for red stalking
  4. Wanted: Blaser R8 bolt housing

    A one that you load a round in with not a holder to carry it on your belt lol
  5. Wanted: Blaser R8 bolt housing

    I’m after a bolt housing / holder for an R8 anyone got anything?
  6. Any new sightings of Muntjac North East

    Yes definitely one run over between Belford and Berwick a couple of years ago but not sure how many they brought up here but they don’t seem to survive
  7. Any new sightings of Muntjac North East

    Obviously arrived up here by a white van but maybe they dont like us northerners
  8. For Sale: PM2 3-20x50 *spf*

    Reticle ?
  9. Wanted: Dpt baffles

    I’m after some extra 6mm or 6.5 baffles for dpt mod anyone parting with any ? Cheers
  10. White deer

    Never been racist
  11. Wanted: DPT 15x1 thread section

    DPT 15x1 spigot thread section for over barrel moderator in 6MM