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    25-06 or 6.5 Creedmoor

    If for strictly deer I would get a 270 win. I own one & a creedmoor too. The 270 shoot very flat & hits very very hard. My creedmoor hits harder mind but it’s runny a 28” barrel & a 147 ELD at 2888 FPS 25-06 is a great calibre but for them reds I feel a 270/ 30-06 or 308 is better suited!
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    Wanted: R8 pro success

    Or 6.5x284 Norma Choose either barrel
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    Wanted: R8 pro success

    I may have one in 270 for sell
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    Which Caliber is better for Red Deer 270 or 306

    Have owned both there’s really nothing in it at stalking ranges. The 30-06 is more versatile & can cover a broader range of deer with the bullet weight combination. Currently own a 270 now! Both will kill deer inside 350 yards easy so it’s personally preference really.
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    For Sale: BSA R10

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    Sold: S&B 5-25x56 PMII LP P4LF CM CCW

    Just sold mine for that price. The bigger picture is for the military contract is price. Schmidt are fantastic scopes don’t get me wrong but I’m just saying there not worth what they charge new. £1650 is where they are now unfortunately.
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    Sold: S&B 5-25x56 PMII LP P4LF CM CCW

    Should get £1600-£1700 for it. No more though as there not worth it IMO
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    Wanted: 110 vmax or pro hunters in .270

    I’ve got 91 pro hunters if you want them? £30 posted
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    For Sale: BSA R10

    Like new BSA R10 air rifle. Selling for a friend Comes with bsa case bsa strap x2 mags bipod gas bottle 2 tins of pellets Only selling as don’t use it as much as he thought £600 Ono
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    Seating depth intervals

    20 thou off lands works for me. 147gr ELD-M bullets. 3 in same hole. First shot clean bore
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    Sold: Hornady .270 and .308

    I will take a box on 110 v max pls Pm me
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    Specific calibre...what rifle?

    For the range you stated I would get a 308 win. If you plan on going out to the 1000 yard range something in the 6.5 family would work.. I shoot a blaser R8 in 270 win & 6.5x284 Norma this covers all my hunting needs from close to mid range.. My long range only tool is an AI AT in 6.5 creedmoor
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    What are you currently being paid per pound of venison at your AGHE?

    £2.20 roe £2.40 fallow £2.55 red
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    Best quad

    Well just want it for extracting deer mainly & a drive around foxing tool. Never will be towing feed just deer (fallow & red) mainly on steep Devon countryside. Looking at buying new. Second hand market is crap with zero warranty & nearly new prices. Least buying new I know what the bike has...