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  1. Who said figures dont lie

    As soon as the £5 was taken back out they had in reality paid about £8.30 each, or perhaps £8+£8+£9, or £7+£8+£10, however you want to divy it up. Not £10 each. The £25 does not divide into three even whole pound figures. Where the £5 happens ot be, in transit maybe makes no difference. When...
  2. Who said figures dont lie

    If guys getting refund they got trap for 25+3 - not 30 -3. Think of it like this- Trap cost 25 + 3 + 2 Guys get (25+) 3 back = 28, bloke keeps 2. Each paid about 9.30.
  3. Timed out etc.

    Once I set my forum up it runs itself. In relation to this site the admin team bought it ready made and it still looks the same as it did then. I also see advertising and admin advertising their own stalking to let so I assume they already generate income from the site. Doesn't alter...
  4. Consitent groups, inconsitent zero

    How quickly are you firing your groups? Even with a free loating barrel it will still wander a bit as it gets hotter due to the changing shape and size of the barrel as the temp increases. I can shoot 15 rounds and I know that by the time I get to the last group the centre can move up to an...
  5. Assistance Required

    You're advertising for stalking which you can't manage on your own, paying for the advertising out of your own pocket, and then giving it to others for free?? Do you provide the beer and petrol as well? I've never seen an offer like this before.
  6. Bad buck experience

    What do you do if you have leave off a trail until the next morning? Is the carcass always spoiled? I'd imagine so. I have pulled out of a couple of shots because it was getting too dark to track and I didn't fancy the idea of clambering around in the pitch black on my own.
  7. Record Keeping

    Hello All, I finished this towards the back end of last year, and quite a few people who contributed to the project or who asked, got a copy. So there are copies floating around. It's free for personal use, since a lot of people provided the data fields/content and suggested categories as...
  8. Something for Chrtistmas, and to keep.

    This is from ROBERT FROST - A TRIBUTE TO THE SOURCE and is one of my favourite pieces of writing. ======== Frost was at work on a new book. Poems from Derry were still maturing, some from England were almost ready. He had never succeeded in larruping a poem as one might a horse to...
  9. I just want to pass on knowledge: Must be getting old?

    Different experiences and backgrounds are always welcome. You'll not get me there anytime soon I'm afraid - but happy to hear all about it from others.
  10. 'Tis The Season to be Jolly...................Indeed

    Good for you TJ I know you've been working hard at it. 5 am start and I sat in the snow from 7.15 this morning watching the same family of Roe wandering around. It was great, you'll love it. Big moon right now, even through the clouds. S.
  11. Fit to stalk

    When I played Ice Hockey, cold and pain never bothered me and I was as fit as a fiddle. I must be getting soft in my old age, now I get out of breath just getting my fags out my pocket.
  12. What's your stalking?

    47 people over 1 day, covers more than most votes. It just doesnt cover you. You could set up a one question poll to see how many people get 10,000 free acres to stalk for no payment or work plus free whiskey! No wonder you're out 3 days a week with 10,000 acres to cover.
  13. What's your stalking?

    6.5 - I imagine you'd be something like 2, you can ignore the 'occasional'. willie - I pictured being part of a formal management team as being the 2nd to last. or maybe the last as you get 'paid' in stalking to go go stalking. Do try and put youselves in somewhere, it's the overall...
  14. What's your stalking?

    I did have more options, including combinations of the above - but the system said I had too many choices so I just left the more obvious ones.
  15. The gralloch

    Oh dear, I hadn't though about a safe backstop when I threw them. I did hear a wet 'plop' when they landed, I just hope I wasn't under the legal minimum fps/ftlbs. I have written it into my will that I want to buried wherever my final pair of gentitals land. Let's hope the penis stays...