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Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing
  1. Hunting Down Under

    There is wingshooting in other states, just not QLD. The greens, RSPCA etc. formed an alliance and got parliament to legislate the ban.
  2. Hunting Down Under

    Hi all, I used to be an active deer stalker and member of this forum before relocating to Australia a few years ago. It took me a few years to get settled and find my feet in the shooting/hunting scene, but slowly getting there. There were a few surprises along the way, especially when I found...
  3. Cull Formosan Sika stag

  4. big Fallow Buck

    Big fallow buck shot in South Africa on a recent trip
  5. Braeroy Estate

    Hi all, Has anyone on the SD stalked on the above estate? The opportunity is available through Glenfeshie. Any other recommendations would be gladly accepted. sp4rkman
  6. Another visit with Ian & Jo!

    Hi Steve, Great meeting you on the weekend. Jonathan
  7. " Grinding The Crack"

    Here is the footage from the man involved in the little collision with a rather large mountain :
  8. Crazy Russians

    All, Take a look at the following Youtube channel. The guy gets to shoot some amazing weapons. Make sure to look at all the videos. sp4rkman
  9. Otterbox Camo for iPhone 4/4s

    Hi all, Just when you thought you had enough camo, they bring these out. Realtree® OtterBox Camo! Camo iPhone Cases Here // Great bit of kit to protect your phone, just don't put it down in the woods - you may not be able to find it. sp4rkman
  10. Fox Bounty

    Hi all, A friend in Australia forwarded me this article. The Victorian Goverment is going to be paying a bounty for all foxes and wild dogs shot in the state. Fox / Wild Dog bounty - Department of Primary Industries I don't fancy providing the evidence though to claim the bounty though...
  11. North Hampshire/Wiltshire Meet

    Sorry I missed it chaps. Wife and baby arrived home on Monday after 3 weeks with her parents in South Africa. I therefore had to spend some time with the family. Definitely next time though
  12. New Olympics logo for 2012

  13. Game Shoot

    Hi old keeper, It's a syndicate with 10 guns. A half gun cost £1700 for 6 driven days and a handful of informal walked up days. None of the other members have an FAC so don't go lamping. It doesn't sound like many go pigeon shooting either. There are beaters/pickers up involved, with...
  14. Game Shoot

    Hi all, I know this is not stalking related but hoping a few of you may be able to help. What is the going/average rate for a half gun on a game shoot? The shoot is on 1000 acres, they put down 2500 birds a year and have 6/7 drives a day. The place includes a few informal walked up days...
  15. Bisley Monday 22nd anyone?

    Bisley ranges are closed on Mondays for maintenance.