BRACES of Bristol - Mauser M12 with Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10x56 Illuminated Scope
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  • Hi,

    Wondered how Raymond is getting on with the Nightforce scope I sold to him through you ?


    hi hubert its adrian ray clarks mate u helped zero rifle for me was just wondering if you had any more 243 reloading kit you are selling cheers
    hope you are keeping well
    I have just read your mesage now !
    I have your scope caps here, Raymond will get them sometime if you remind him.

    Regards Hubert H.
    hi hubert its adrian weber here i work with ray clark as a bailiff on eden im just getting into stalking and ray has let me shoot on his land i have bought myself a 243 ans scope will need help to set it up am going to rays sun to try and zero it think ray was going to ask if you would come along to help be good if you could as be nice to meet you and chat about stalking and best way to get into it all

    cheers adrian weber
    hi stag i know from reading past posts that you knew irishgun, well i am very sorry to have to tell you this but john passed away on friday evening. i never met hte man but spoke to him on the phone a number of times, he was a very knowledgable man and he was very passionate about deer. may god have mercy on him, the scudd.
    Hubert - Ken here. My response was all to brief to your thread recognition of me - which was kind. I did, however, have a chat with MAX and he conformed who you were, saying that he thought that you were a bit dependent on modern technology for getting around these days.

    If that is the case then I'm sorry about it but hope that you are bearing up and putting your optimism to the fore. I'm sure that the Stalking forum must be a source of great entertainment and there's so much going on in all of the various threads that the only accompanying thing you need is a glass of malt - and the occasional aspirin for eye-strain.

    Anyway, I hope that this finds you in good form and if you feel like getting in touch, my 'e' address is

    All the best for now, Ken.
    Great picture that sir. One for the wall deffinatley, i guess the grandkids will love it too. Best wishes, thanks for the lil chat. ;)
    Evening Hubert
    A while ago you quoted a phrase USE ENOUGH GUN and I cant remember who you said it was by can you help.
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