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  1. Bent chassis q`s

    Know a lad who snapped his navara in half! Old model mind you 😂
  2. Crown damage

    I can't see the photos too good but it looks like it was threaded using a live center, see how the actual leading edge into the crown is a bit mushed along with that little dent you can see? I've seen a rifle where the bloke kept the on (told him not to) and it leads to a rounded pitted mess...
  3. WW1 - Mauser Armour Piercing

    If you go to the imperial War museum they have one of the sniper hides he shot in an experiment with a 500 nitro express.
  4. WW1 - Mauser Armour Piercing

    Dum dums come from dum dum arsenal was in the 1800s. They found small high velocity solid projectiles wernt as effective so they made 303 rounds with lead tips exposed. They got issued out in Egypt where they found them effective. In 1899 they banned under the haig convention after the...
  5. Sauer 404 owners

    I was thinking of doing this on mine but I felt the bipod would be far to back for my liking! At the same time I dont fancy paying 300 quid for two tent poles and a magnet (even if they are really good) 😬
  6. Convert fixed choke to multi chokes

    Forget about chokes, learn how to shoot. Honestly that's the truth. Chokes don't make alot of difference in real time, I'd rather pay for a few lessons with a good instructor and learn where I am going wrong. Look at your approach to targets and your gun mount, learn the leads you need...
  7. Sold: 1000 one thousand 12 gauge cartridges for sale

    I'm happy to buy them for you. Can pop buy an evening this week if you wish? Only live local to you
  8. Reloading cost

    It depends really, you shoot more for the same money wouldn't say its cheaper. What you do get is a better quality round that you know shoots in your rifle. I find it enjoyable being alone working on somthing that requires your absolute concentration. And getting bug hole sized groups
  9. Winchester AA/Remington 28 guage hulls

    Have a look at clay and game, Folkestone engineering or look at ordering from abroad, use to be an Italian website that was fantastic Mighnt be worth looking at other load data that uses ficcochi or rio cases as they are most widely avaliable in the UK. Only down side fibre load data is lacking!
  10. Three scope questions chaps.

    I have a zeiss victory diavari ht 3-12x56, it pretty much sits on x8 for general use, when zeroing I pop it up to 12 as I find it easier to see the inch square target I pop up. Going into woodland which isn't often I pop it down to 4 or 6 mag So yes I find it useful but I find it sits on 8...
  11. Best dies for reloading

    I have both forster and redding. By far the forster give me the best results and are the easiest to use. I got my setoff here for 120 quid with the mic top and it makes life so much easier! I would say all dies regardless of brand will do the same job, sizing is certainly easier with the...
  12. Electric headphones/ ear plugs

    Have a shop about you can pick some peltor sportac ones up for about 99 quid, by far the best ones for the money. Also very comfy can hear everything about you and the battery's last a very long time!
  13. Vigilante jailed . . . .

    Probably won the gun of that crap funfair on the seafront. Half of brids youths get "tooled up" from there.
  14. Cancer question?

    I doubt you will have any issues with the police, when my dad got diagnosed terminal they phoned him up asked if everything was OK and if he was any drugs that could cause mental problems that was about it. Even then they assured him nothing would happen Their main concern was the security of...
  15. 7 mm rem mag or......

    I've got a 300 win which has the very slight edge but isn't much In it. I use it for target and I absolutely love the thing. Once firing it a realised that its just a wee bit much for deer in the UK but honestly if getting a magnum is an itch, scratch it! Only down side is burning 70 to 80...