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  1. The Northern Territory Australia

    Love it pity we can’t get them in the uk

    The safest deals are mostly face to face.With the advent of the internet this has mostly gone by the way now.Last year we had a similar thing happen with some scopes a friend from Germany bought some scopes wanted them collected luckily didn’t send any money to the company but sent it to us to...
  3. Mistakes aplenty.

    First mistake I would have thought no rifle in bed
  4. Mistakes aplenty.

    Just as well those lions hadn’t learnt how to open packaged food yet.
  5. Woodland Trust

    Couldn’t get the link to work just as well as the only contact I’ve had with woodland trust has not been good.A few years ago they bought up a local wood which I played around in as a child first thing they done when they bought it put a warden in charge and signs up telling you what you can and...
  6. Suspension of Parliament

    Evening I’ve been asleep for three or four years are we in or out yet
  7. WJ Meeting with NE

    And now in their eyes they have had a victory watch them go now
  8. Another pointless whine

    Crumbs when I’ve been to South Africa the meat dealer turned up with a flat trailer and a sheet to cover the carcasses over and that was it
  9. WJ Meeting with NE

    As has been said before given an inch and they will take a mile. If they are not stopped or held accountable who knows where this will all end.Along time back I can remember somebody wrote a piece a bit tongue in cheek about how shooting and country sports had been eaten away at let’s hope it...
  10. Trophy hunting businesses banned from shooting show NEC

    So the antis got it banned.What next now the balls rolling let’s stand at the gates and protest or let’s get the whole show banned?.Shooters voting with their feet will be slow if signing the petition is anything to go by.
  11. 14 days in the bag.

    Mmmmmmmouth watering
  12. Big game hunting - marmite

    Exactly that but the trouble is veggies vegans etc don’t want to understand think they have the moral high ground and bully people to their cause with graphic pictures and images of animal cruelty. Every where I go at the moment there isn’t a day where somewhere there isn’t something todo with...
  13. Shooting is safe with Boris and the Conservatives.

    She certainly can’t get a bigger soapbox than the one she’s on now.Lets see how long it is before she’s asked to join packham and wild justice.Boris will be in for a rough ride from her then or not as the case may be.
  14. How do you and your partner deal with money?

    Trouble is mine can spend it quicker than I can earn it
  15. Wild justice challenge against releasing non native game birds

    Was it with the BBC or an independent if it was an independent perhaps packham played you along until the last minute and he was not allowed contractually wise to go on