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  1. Wet weather jacket

    Which Kuiu model were you using? I have the Yukon and have had no issues with it. However if you want something cheap and cheerful that will actually keep you dry try and find an unused dpm wet gesr jacket. They are work very well. Just a tad noisy!
  2. ssangyong korando

    Had experience with the brand over the years. They are an absolute nightmare when they give trouble. I actually dont know anyone who had one that gave no trouble. I would never buy one. There is a little value for money to be had with vehicles like that.
  3. My dad hunted for years, now has dementia so need to clear his house.

    Sorry for your loss. Cant be an easy thing to have to do.
  4. Wanted: Range finding binoculars

    Have a pair of sig kilo 3000bdx as new. Used twice.
  5. Rain gear / stalking clothes

    Kuiu Yukon are hard to beat to be fair. If on a budget army issue mtp wet gear is really really good!
  6. Skull onto shield?

    Any pics of how that looks mate?
  7. Noob to here

    Thanks guys
  8. Hello

    Welcome mate.
  9. Noob to here

    Thank you!
  10. Noob to here

    Hello everyone. I am shooting about 25 years. Mixture of target and hunting on and off. I am from Ireland All the best.
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